Wednesday, May 15, 2013

welcome to MIAMI

miami beach exceeded all expectations.
from the minute we arrived, we had the best time!
all i ever ask my husband for my birthday // christmas// anniversary 
is to take me somewhere i haven't been before.. and he is pretty good at
obliging! {but he breaks the rules and also gets me gifts on top of the trip..
no more of that, chase!} i've been to different parts of florida, but never miami. 
so, this trip was given to me as part of my birthday present two weeks ago. 
my cute husband and parents had planned it together as a surprise, 
and i'm so glad they did! it was so fun to meet up with my parents 
in such a great location and explore + relax for a few days. 
i already miss it! i loved the bright colors, the incredibly blue ocean, the
music, how warm the water was, the thick white sand, the culture, the beautiful
spanish accent people use, the warm nights, the bridges and inlets, the keys, the
skyline, the art deco hotels, the relaxed feel, and the place we got to stay. 
here are a few photos of our days in miami..a guide + video is on the way!
 so happy that i got to be with my mom on mother's day!
we all gave her a book of our recent family trip to laguna beach.
 mother's day brunch at the big pink.
relaxing at the pool 
^^ cute mom + cute husband ^^
 lots of unique cuban food..yum!
^^ the view from our room..and breakfast on the patio! ^^
^^ the day we biked 40 miles -- didn't quite know what we were in for! ^^
^^ loving downtown miami, but thumbs down to the heat..he's not a lebron fan! ^^
biking down to key biscane
^^ just casually saw a peacock with it's feathers fanned out while biking.. incredible!! ^^
^^ easily our favorite food spot in all of miami. most amazing empanadas! ^^
^^ our view of downtown miami as we were biking the bridge ^^
saying goodbye to miami from the sky..
thanks for showing us the best time, miami! 
guide coming in a few days..


  1. Looks like you guys had a fabulous time! Loved looking at your pictures too. You are the cutest!

    1. thanks cute nina! i need to see your blog, i miss it!!

  2. The pictures look really great! :D You have a really good husband for taking to Miami :)


    1. i know- he is a keeper! thank you dear! XO

  3. AWESOME!!! i also just like to go places we haven't ever been before. don't get me wrong, there are plenty of places that i've already been that i'd go back to over and over, but i love trying out new places. its so fun to explore :) glad you had fun!

    1. same- there are only a few places i return to, because there are SO many new places to see!!!

  4. I have always wanted to go there! Great pics!

  5. You certainly know how to make a trip anywhere more fun. Thanks for joining us and then showing us so many fun things you have discovered. We loved being with you both.

    1. haha you figured out how to comment! love and miss you already!! best trip!

  6. What a great birthday present!! It looks like an amazing city!

  7. Your one piece bathing suit is so cute! Where is it from?

    1. thank you! i got it in a store in hawaii last year, i can check the brand later though and let you know! xo

    2. That would be so great, thank you!!

  8. Miami it's my dream! I'd love to go there and this is a very cute present :D
    After seeing your pics I definetely wanna go so sooooooon!
    What about following each other through GFC and Bloglovin? Just let me know!
    Xxx from Italy


  9. Where did you get that adorable pink and green bathing suit??? i LOVE miami!

  10. cutest ever! must put miami on our list of places to go! and also, love all your outfits and swimsuits!

  11. You look amazing. What a fun group of photos and the best of people! That peacock picture is unreal!!!

  12. This all looks like such a blast! What a fantastic trip!


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