Sunday, May 5, 2013

sunday notes

dear spring, i have always loved you most. thanks for being the best season.

dear bay area weather, you are perfect. except yesterday...already 90 degrees??

dear 42, you were the best movie we've seen in a few months.

dear cinco de mayo, thanks for giving us an excuse to eat our favorite mexican food with friends today.

dear grad school, only one more week left this semester!!!

dear florida, see you next week!!

dear husband, thanks for running with me today in the hot hot heat.

dear green smoothies, i can't go a day without you now. i think i'm addicted.

dear may, we want to enjoy you! here's hoping you don't fly by.

dear teach for america, how are we ALREADY almost done with year one of you? i never thought i would get through this year!!

dear half marathon, we better start training for you! {husband's first!!}

dear marriage, in less than ONE MONTH we will have one year down. what??

dear summer, we're excited for you.


  1. Have a beautiful day!! :)

  2. eek. a half marathon would kill me!!!

  3. Beautiful reflection ... Have a happy day!

  4. Good luck with the half marathon training! And so nice you have a running partner. :) I need one of those haha.

  5. I am so hopelessly addicted to green smoothies. :)


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