Sunday, May 19, 2013

snapshots of our weekend

^^ morning 6 mile run with husband, then off to a baby shower ^^
^^ exploring foster city // loved the gorgeous canals ^^
^^ eliza jane's shower...always fun to be with friends from home! 
SLC girls now living in the bay!  // then an oakland temple stop ^^
^^ one of the best parts of the oakland temple = the stunning 
view across the bay when you walk out! ^^
^^ a weekend treat...went to nordstrom to get new running shoes, and came out with
these..shoot! // also, the best kind of weekends involve pad thai takeout. agreed? ^^
^^ last but not least, a stop at our f a v o r i t e mexican joint in the world.
we picked up our food and met chase's brother for a little picnic on the steps. ^^
paris is husband's adopted brother from another mother.
he has lived with chase's family since he was 16, and now just
moved out to the bay to work! lucky us!! ^^

.. hope everyone is having a great weekend ..

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  1. those shoes are super cute!!

    Did your Dad get chosen for the Kona Ironman?

    1. thank you! i had Nordstrom credit and planned to use it on runnin shoes, but could not pass those up haha! the ironman contest ends may 31st, so we will know then! everyone can still vote until then! thanks for helping!!! xo

  2. Looks like a pretty relaxing weekend! Jealous of the weather. :)

  3. Love the Tory Burch finds! I totally would have gone with those over running shoes too :))

  4. Love the TB flats! I definitely approve :)


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