Sunday, May 26, 2013

why i love her

since our first anniversary is this week,
the wedding week series continues today with post #2...
it's all about love this week! 
for today's post, husband agreed to show a list he wrote back when we were 
dating in college... of 100 things he loved about me. what a sweetheart! i remember he was living in DC interning that semester, and i was in college at the university of utah. 
we missed each other so much, and i woke up one morning to randomly find this list of 100 reasons why he loved me in my email inbox. i probably read it 100 times that day! 
it gives you a taste of how charming and darling he was..and still is! 

why i'm in love with em
1. she is gorgeous.
2. she does so many things for other people.
3. she helps me be the best guy i can be.
4. she loves her country and country music.
5. she's quick as a whip and way smarter than me.
6. she travels the world.
7. she plays the piano.
8. she sends me conference talks and strengthens our testimony.
9. she holds my hand when we pray.
10. she grabs my arm as soon as we walk out the door.
11. she gives me a back rub whenever i lean forward.
12. she asks me about my day.
13. she's practical and smart in everything she does.
14. she comes from the most amazing family.
15. she's always the best dressed anywhere she goes.
16. she's beautiful at any time of the day.
17. she kisses my cheek.
18. she's not afraid of anything.
19. she is such a good writer.
20. she lives the gospel.
21. she always sends postcards.
22. she loves to run.
23. she shares her life with me.
24. tom hanks is her very favorite actor.
25. she's the most classy girl i know.
26. she beats me in tennis.
27. she is a chi omega, and the president of it too.
28. she's becoming an amazing cook.
29. she's goal driven and never leaves things undone.
30. she compliments me and likes when i wear a backwards hat.
31. she's there for me when i'm down. 
32. she's there to bring me back up.
33. she keeps the commandments.
34. she has an amazing mother and grandmother.
35. she's from park city and knows how to ride a horse.
36. she's always the first to say sorry.
37. she's honest and doesn't sugarcoat.
38. she supports me.
39. she tells me when i make dumb decisions.
40. she helps me correct them.
41. she takes walks with me.
42. she watches sportscenter and late night with me.
43. she's a ski bunny.
44. she reads a lot.
45. she corrects my grammar.
46. she makes me cd's.
47. she lets me rub her feet.
48. she loves new restaurants.
49. she splits meals with me.
50. she sends me emails throughout the day.
51. she has a beautiful dog that she lets me walk.
52. she's the best teammate ever.
53. she's funny and the only girl that can make me laugh.
54. she's clever and quick-witted.
55. she takes me to the theater.
56. she lets me drive her car.
57. she keeps me humble.
58. she gives the best hugs.
59. she knows my passwords and pin numbers.
60. she's romantic.
61. she loves the president, no matter who he is.
62. she loves the utes.
63. she hates byu and the lakers.
63. she loves to cuddle.
64. she tells me i have a good voice.
65. she loves when it rains.
66. she speaks french.
67. she's about to be an aunt. 
68. she loves me unconditionally.
69. she holds my hand everywhere.
70. she lets me use her fire escape.
71. she can rap every work to changes and juicy.
72. she made a facebook for me and puts all our pictures up.
73. she leaves me messages.
74. she falls asleep when i hold her close.
75. she knows my story and i know hers.
76. she's a skyline eagle and proud of it.
77. she worked at market street and polo.
78. she loves board games.
79. she's amazing at everything she does.
80. she's my best friend.
81. she reads the newspaper.
82. she has gorgeous and natural long blond hair.
83. she's an amazing kisser.
84. she never whines or complains and always works hard.
85. she's kind to everyone she meets.
86. she takes advantage of every opportunity that comes her way.
87. she has the coolest brothers and sisters in law.
88. she's fiercely loyal.
89. she can predict my every move.
90. she always fights for me and for us.
91. she's only said i love you to one
92. she lets me get the door for her.
93. she teaches me new things all the time.
94. she's the perfect tour guide.
95. she's a straight A student.
96. she created our love journal.
97. she's tidy and always flosses.
98. she lets me spoil her.
99. she tells me to slow down and be careful.
100. she is so lovely and that's why i am so in love...

i could list 100 more but it's all the are the girl of my dreams and i couldn't be more in love with you.

....did i not luck out with the sweetest boy?
these are all way too nice and he's forgetting to list my many flaws, but the fact that he was this sweet and romantic when we were just dating shows how lucky i am now. pardon 
the cheesiness on the blog this week, but it's the week of our wedding anniversary..
so we're allowed to be in love and we don't care who knows it! :)
tell someone you love them today!!


  1. This is awesome, you are truly blessed

  2. SO damn sweet!! You two sound like a match made in heaven x

  3. I agree! You are a very lucky girl. It isn't cheesy at all. If only the world were filled with a little more love, it'd be a much better place =)

    I can't wait to read your other posts.


  4. This is so incredibly sweet! :)

  5. I love that he said she is tidy and always flosses! He really put down all the details. Too sweet!

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  7. Aw this is adorable!! Your a lucky girl.


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