Sunday, May 12, 2013

mother's day

h a p p y mother's day!
i am so lucky that i get to be with my sweet mom
today to celebrate, since my parents met us in miami
for a few days! i know everyone says they have the best
mom ever, and everyone should feel that way about
their own moms. so naturally, i feel like i won the 
lottery when it comes to moms. thank you mom for
doing so much for me, for being my best friend and
running partner, for taking me all over the world,
for being my favorite lunch date and shopping partner...
for always making the best food, for showing me how
to be a wife, for showing me it's possible to have
a career & still be the most amazing mom, for cheering
for me at every stage, for talking to me on the phone
every single day, for making the world's best 
eggs benedict and sweet rolls, and just for being my mom.
i love you SO much!
here's to ALL the mom's in the world today, doing the most important job!
today i'm so grateful for other moms in my mom, my husband's
mom for raising such a good boy and treating me like a daughter,
and both of our mom's own mothers for raising them! we have
the sweetest mothers and grandmothers in the world. here's proof:
just look at these beauties! our sweet mothers and their mothers!

love you mom & shelley!
happy mothers day to all!

see when our mom's + grandmas came to
visit us this year in SF! chase's came here, mine came here!


  1. That's so nice that you have such a close relationship with your mother. :) Spoil her today!

  2. Happy Mother's Day to your Mom! :)

  3. Aw what a sweet post! :) You and your mom are gorgeous!!


  4. Such a sweet post. Always cherish that sweet relationship with your mama!

  5. Beautiful post. Happy mother's day to your mama - and all the wonderful mamas!!

  6. This is so sweet! I hope you had a great time with your family :)


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