Thursday, September 13, 2012

a taco stand & a donut shop

here in california you can count on finding the best taquerias.
they are everywhere and we can never resist stopping and getting a few!
this taco place right by our apartment never lets us down.
we love being in a new place and finding new favorite places
{since we no longer have cafe rio, citris grill, and the dodo}
and for dessert, we are lucky that charles and katie introduced us to bob's!
i am picky when it comes to donuts...there aren't too many i like, but these are an exception.
go around 9:30 pm to get fresh ones!



  1. Soooo jealous of all your food escapades over there. I feel like I have eaten at every place in Salt Lake at least three times! Fun.

  2. Oh how I love donuts...being gluten free stinks sometimes so I indulge in a normal donut once in a while :)

    Are you near Berkeley at all? There is an amazing Cajun/Creole restaurant called Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen. It is seriously delish!!

  3. I am a lover of doughnuts and these look AMAZING!!!


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