Saturday, September 22, 2012

cheers to the weekend

we love our weekends around here.
this is because:
1.. we live in the best place possible to have fun on the weekends.
2.. we are now busy working people and in grad school, so the weekend really is a heavenly escape to just be together and relax and catch up on everything.
3.. we love our new friends out here and the weekend is mostly when we see them and do fun things.
4.. and last but not least, because of sunday naps. enough said.

this weekend was no exception to any of these. here is a little recap:
friday i was so excited to pull out my fall wardrobe and these brown skinnies.
we may live in california, but i will still embrace fall fully. plus, i even spotted these
fall leaves on the city sidewalk so i believe fall can exist even here!!
friday date night consisted of an outing to santana row, some shopping, and
dinner with friends. we love these people and cheesecake factory.
i might be turning into my mom...i walked into pottery barn and couldn't
leave without at least three bags of purchases!
we probably shouldn't have gone into the apple store to check out the new iphone, because we had
convinced ourselves there weren't enough new improvements and it wasn't that cool, but it really is
cool and i really do kind of want it now. the best part is how lightweight it is! here is husband staring at it for 10 minutes and also the crazy crowded apple store.
i am also feeling pretty good about this purchase from anthropologie...
i love this fleur de lis dish set and had to get them.
we really must have not shopped for a while because we were making up for lost time..
husband also got this new purple polo oxford and loved it so much he put it on for the rest of the night.
i didn't get these but wish i had. who knew sperry was making flats? you'd be right if you guessed that these are on my wish list {i'm talking to you, hubby}
 we're excited to enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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