Wednesday, September 5, 2012

happy birthday mom!

we are missing the birthday girl so much today and hope she knows how much we love much that we both did a birthday post for her!
i am the luckiest to have been born to this beauty.
i don't know another mom who has run 50 marathons,
done an ironman, has her master's, is the director at
her job, makes the best sweet rolls in the world, can sew anything,
can water ski and snow ski better than anyone i know,
is the best hostess on earth, is so generous, well-traveled, and
smart, the best wife, mom, and now grandma! what a gal.

it is killing me to not be with her today, since she always makes our birthdays
and special occasions so special. but we are thinking of you mom, and
we'll celebrate when we come back to visit in a few weeks! 
we love you!
xo cute husband did the post below all on his own...what a cute son in law! 


  1. Cutest mom in the world!!! I love love love this!!!!

  2. She sounds like an awesome example, now I see where you get all your motivation!

    Ironman is my lifelong goal. It's neat to hear that a mom has accomplished that. Thanks for the post!

  3. so cute that you both did a post about your mom! She is an amazing woman!! such a great fam!

  4. Emi ~ Happy Birthday to your Mom! She sounds so neat. I have a visiting teacher who just did her first triathlon. I am so impressed your Mom can do all of that! You really are blessed. I love to waterski. From the pic's Chase posted she looks like she has quite the form. It inspires me to get myself in the most tip top shape. What does she direct & how did she make your birthdays special? Have a Wonderful Day ~ & thanks, you guys, for posting. Love, Jackie

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  5. cute pics! happy b-day to your mom


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