Friday, September 21, 2012


happy friday! i love this sign and i wonder how many of us 
think of our real valuables when we hear this phrase. 
this weekend i'm going to leave everything else unattended
and attend to my most valuable possession: my husband. 
goodbye teach for america, grad school, tennis team, busy life, emails, 
and hello fun weekend just the two of us...{including date night!}

what are your weekend plans?
who do you consider to be your "valuables"? 


  1. That is a really cute sign! You're so right that often we don't think of what our true valuables are. Have an awesome weekend with your most valuable possession. :)

  2. Love that sign too! No big plans for the weekend but I know something fun will come up!

    (Newest follower to your fun blog too)

  3. Love it :) Have a great weekend.

    xo Tami

  4. thank you for the cute reminder. i needed to hear this today. have a wonderful weekend together. we will be doing much of the same!

  5. Love it! That is such a great reminder. I'll have to remember it once I actually get married here in a few years or so. :)

  6. My family is my valuables. btw I love how I can tell your LDS just from your picture on the side! I think that is so awesome! hehe.

    New follower from Friday chaos

  7. That sign is awesome! Would make a great print to put near the front door :)

  8. aww i hope you enjoy your weekend with your husband! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  9. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Love the sign! Thanks for following. Following you back! Xoxo Kristina


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