Sunday, September 2, 2012

sunday notes

dear labor day weekend, we are making the most of you.

dear sausalito, can i live in you?

dear bikes, you are definitely our favorite way to get around the city.

dear september, welcome! we're excited you've arrived.

dear friends in town, you are our favorite thing.

dear three months, we loved celebrating you yesterday.

dear husband, thanks for remembering that 3 month anniversary and buying flowers for me in the city.

dear golden state, we are so happy to be living in you.



  1. cute post! thanks for visiting my blog

  2. I used to live in San Francisco! I loved Sausalito =)

  3. Love love your sunday notes! Such a great, simple idea! You and your new husband are darling!! So glad to find your cute blog! You'll have to share stories with me about Bry at Skyline!


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