Sunday, September 23, 2012

saturday in the city

we had quite an eventful weekend! after a fun date night friday,
we spent all saturday in san francisco. love our weekends!
saturday morning we went on such a nice run in san francisco along the embarcadero and out to the golden gate bridge. it was a gorgeous day in the city and this is my favorite run.

{excuse the sweaty pictures!}
on our way back we stopped at the palace of fine 
pretty, especially on a nice day!
by then we were pretty hungry, so we stopped by blue barn gourmet
and then decided on a delicious burger at super duper burgers.

you know when you are walking around and run into a huge chinese festival?
we didn't either until yesterday when i just wanted a treat at a chinatown bakery, but we stumbled upon this crazy festival! the iphone pictures 

do not do the huge crowd justice.

THIS is the bakery i have been wanting to try. they make famous egg custard tarts, and i was so excited to get one before finding out that the chinese festival had created an hour and a half long line...dang it! next time.
to make me feel better, we stopped by the secret 
fortune cookie factory- pretty cool!

fortune cookies before they are folded

this place is in a tiny alley and we will be back! you can take 
your own fortunes and have them baked in right there! 
fun fact: fortune cookies were invented in SF.

lastly, we discovered the gem of san francisco.
WOW! twin peaks is in the exact center of the city,
and it has the most amazing view in the world.

the rule for this overlook is to be kissed up there, so i was glad
husband could take care of that for me. {even with his eyes closed}

we came home in time to watch the utah game with tobin & randi at
our apartment. there were a few games going on so somehow we ended up
with 2 TV's going at once..we love football! thanks dustin & kendall for making this possible haha...

we made some bbq chicken pizza and cake batter cookies...

recipe for these cookies HERE

here is chase eating his feelings after the utes' sad loss,
but at least we watched it with friends so we could all commiserate!


see the earlier part of our weekend here.

what did you do this weekend?
which football team do you cheer for?


  1. looks like you guys had SUCH a good time!

  2. What a fun weekend you had! I haven't been to San Fran but I'd like to go one day. Those cake batter cookies look delish...may have to try out that recipe :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Sept. Group Giveaway!

    1. oh my HAVE to come to san fran! you would love it. and the cake batter cookies turned out so yummy so i recommend making them! xo

  3. I can't wait to visit San Fran. Looks so gorgeous! We were totally meant to be friends! ;)

  4. You've got to go to David's House Of Nanking in Chinatown. It's tiny, but take some friends anyway, then don't order, just let them bring you food. So yummy! Be sure to tell them to stop, or the food will just keep coming. It's kindof near the fortune cookie place. We had a blast when I was there with Shel, Kenz, Sharon, and Kelci!

    1. laur i love this recommendation! we will try it for they just bring you all different food? come visit so we can go with you! miss you xoxo

  5. Fab photos! Stopping by from the Friday Chaos Bloghop! I'm one of the co-hosts this week and now your newest follower! Thanks so much for linking up! If you get the chance, we'd love you to stop by the blog and follow back :) Thanks,
    Vikki xxx

  6. Ahhh...we got engaged near that park under the golden gate bridge. Fun! It is so cold and windy are brave to be wearing running clothing.

    1. you are kidding--we got engaged right under the golden gate bridge too, but we were out on a boat on the water! love it! it was actually so nice this weekend and much warmer than usual so that's why we weren't freezing! xo

  7. what a great saturday!!! :) too bad the utes had to lose, but i love the pictures. SF is such a FUN city.

  8. Such a FUN day! I love days like that. Going from one thing to another... So great.
    I've never been to San Francisco and we're thinking of that being our spring trip next year (I know, planning a little early, right?) but Bry thinks that all we'll do is shop (which might not be totally incorrect)... but I'm glad to see that there is LOTS to do for Bry's sake.

    1. okay you have to make SF your next trip! you will fall in love..and i'll give you a million fun things to do! plus you guys could always crash at our place! we are a little outside the city but you are always welcome! xo


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