Monday, September 3, 2012

labor day weekend

every time a holiday rolls around, i decide it is my favorite holiday.
i think this is how it should be though--always loving the present!
so naturally this week, i've decided labor day is the best.
it falls at the ideal time of year to have a long weekend..
summer is ending and we all get a little break to take a
deep breath and welcome fall. i always love the long weekend
that it brings! this year was especially great since we're living in a
fun new place and got to enjoy a perfect holiday complete with
visitors, lots of time in the city, and a day at the beach.
we loved having these two visit!
they are some of our best friends but they live
in southern we're working on
getting them to move up the coast to the bay!
we loved having them stay with us in our little
apartment, but we didn't get very much sleep since
every night we were all up chatting forever!
we also got spoiled by having brynn & trent up here visiting from
santa barbara for the weekend! we hadn't seen them since their
fun wedding in santa barbara in july, so we loved catching up
and talking about newlywed life since we both just got married! 
{the city}
we loved doing our favorite bike ride through the city this weekend all along the
embarcadero, across the golden gate bridge, and into sausalito. we had fish & chips
for lunch, strolled through the art festival, and relaxed in one of our favorite little towns.
just spitting off the bridge to watch how far down it was...
having some good fish & chips right on the bridgeway
i kept asking chase why we can't just live right in sausalito!
even though i wanted to ride back across the bridge to the city,
chase convinced me to take the ferry. he had never done it, 
so i was glad we i realized there would have been a lot
of hills on the way back! it was so sunny & nice for the ferry ride back.
we even made a new friend on the ferry, so we were double glad we spent
the $20. we had so much in common with him and when we got off he biked us
through the city to the mission, his fun neighborhood. we loved getting to see a new area!
leaving sausalito on the ferry!
best views
it was so fun to be out on the water in the bay where we got engaged...
especially since it was our 3 month anniversary since getting married!
this boy was so excited to be so close to his FAVORITE place,
alcatraz! he really does have an obsession though & knows way
too much history about the place.
how can you not love this city?
we perused the farmers market before heading to meet 
richie & sarajane in dolores park for the best ice cream in town!
safe to say that the hour long line outside this place is worth it
when you get your first taste...homemade flavors like roasted banana,
salted caramel, honey lavendar, ricaneles, toasted coconut...the list could 
go on but my mouth is already watering. go on a warm afternoon and
sit in dolores park after while you eat it! yum.
view from dolores park 
the bart was so easy to take with our bikes 
we went all through chinatown with richie & sarajane during the afternoon
later that night we met up with katy and charles who are living in SF
and we all had dinner at cheesecake factory on top of the macy's in
union square. it's so fun to see friends from home out here! we had
the best dinner and then went to their apartment before making a 
late-night donut run where we ran into virginia and kramer too!

on actual labor day morning we woke up and i made a fun breakfast for us four...
homemade vanilla waffles with fresh peaches and bananas.

richie and sarajane then had to leave to make their way back down 
the coast, which made us double sad...both to say goodbye to them, 
and to know they were headed back down to SoCal which we 
chase and i headed to santa cruz to get some beach time of our own 
today. it was so nice and we had the best weather!
pictures of that posted here.

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  1. all of you californian adventures look so fun! we love san fran, and i will definitely be stalking your blog before we go again for more fun stuff to do!


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