Sunday, September 9, 2012

sunday notes

dear sleep, we finally got plenty of you this weekend.

dear pink elephant bakery, discovering you was the best part of our date night.

dear green smoothies, i made you every morning this week. safe to say we're obsessed.

dear salt lake city, we get to see you this weekend!

dear utes, you broke our hearts on friday but we still love you.

dear new furniture, you're making our apartment feel so much more like home.

dear weekends, why do you go so fast?

dear husband, how do you know how to do everything in our house?

dear annalee, thanks for being my east coast pen pal!

dear bikes, thanks for letting us take you on a sunday ride.



  1. this was sweet :) i want to try and make some green smoothies! do you have a recipe?

    1. yes make them for sure! so easy and so good. i wrote what i put in them in this post! {just below this one}

  2. I always love finding a new bakery :-)

    Glad you were able to catch up on your sleep!!

  3. Thank YOU for being my West coast pen pal. xoxo


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