Tuesday, September 18, 2012

tuesday ten: there's no place like home..

we are back in california after a quick weekend trip home
to salt lake city! this was our first time visiting home since 
moving up to the bay area a few months ago, and we loved being able to 
come back and see everyone and everything we love. i posted here about all
the things i was most excited to do at home, and we did them all & more!
 here is our visit home in 10:

1. cafe rio
we couldn't even wait to get to the house to eat it, so this was taken in the car ride from the airport...we had both finished by the time we got to chase's parent's house. we have clearly missed our rio!

2. a run in millcreek canyon with mom 
one of the things i miss very most about home is running with my mom
in our favorite canyon, so on saturday i loved being able to go for a long run with her and kona in the gorgeous canyon with all the fall colors arriving!

3. my mom's cooking
...no explanation needed

4. utah-byu game
as the biggest utah football fans, could we have picked a better weekend to be in town? being able to see utah beat byu in the most memorable game ever was a definite highlight.

5. catching up with best friends
even though we were in town for such a short time, there was still time to
see best friends! i love these girls and love how it's always the same when we reunite.
6. chase's family all being together again
paris is chase's brother from another mother...literally. chase met him in alabama and sent him home to live with his family. he has lived with the rigby's since he was 16 years old, and he is part of the family. he just got home from a mission in england and so we loved seeing him, going to the temple all together, taking family pictures, and being able to go to his homecoming talk on sunday! we love you paris!
*see his amazing story here
who doesn't love a good homecoming open house dessert spread?

7. seeing the dunn family
our nieces and nephews change so much in the months we go between
seeing them! maddie was walking all over the place, and little tagg has
gotten even cuter if possible! i loved seeing maddie in her U outfit,
and especially loved seeing those two cousins together.
(maddie thinks tagg is a little doll and was just playing with his toes...so cute)
i already miss these little ones!

8. playing with kona
i can't live without a dog! this has only been confirmed since moving away..i almost cry every time i see a white lab here in CA, and i call all dogs kona. i was SO happy to see my best friend and here she is lounging with me in the sun after our run.

9. being with our parents
these are the best people in the world (my parents on the left, chase's on the right). we are so lucky to have such incredible parents who do so much for us and make us love coming home! love you guys!

10. coming home to our new home
i love living away and having an adventure, but i will admit that it is always hard for me to say goodbye after such a fun visit! i think that i've just realized more and more through all my travels and time living away that the best and most important thing is FAMILY and i hate saying goodbye! i may or may not have gotten teary when we left for the airport, and my husband may or may not think i am crazy but what can i say? i love family. luckily we have this darling apartment to call home for now, and i get to be here with my darling hubby. i couldn't love it more, and it makes it easier to say goodbye when i know we have such a fun world of our own out here together!
{the front door of our apartment building welcoming us home}

thanks salt lake city for the best visit!


  1. I am so jealous you got to go home for the weekend! We won't be going home til Christmas... I am dying! Looks like you had a blast! I agree. I miss family the most. I cry about it all the time. But grateful for the adventure too :)

    1. Sarj! Not until CHRISTMAS?? Luckily we can call each other for moral support when we're missing family! Hah love you!

  2. Love your blog! New follower! Follow me back via GFC?

    1. of course! done! love yours too! XO

  3. So good that you got to go home last weekend!! I'm going home THIS weekend. Can't wait.

    Your mom's cooking looks amazing! And so fun that you were there for Paris' homecoming.

  4. Hey! Just checked out your blog and I love it! I'd love to swap buttons! I went ahead and grabbed yours already :) you speak french?! Moi aussi!! Nous avons beaucoup en commun! :)

    1. perfect! i will get yours on our page today once my husband shows me how :) XO

  5. such a cute post idea! going home is the best, especially for family and food! that baby in the utah shirt is ADORABLE! as is your 'about me' section :)
    cheers from NYC!

  6. Emi ~ What a wonderful entry! One of my fav's yet . . . U guys r so awesome, even if I'm still crying over Y. ;-) Love you ~ so glad you had fun. Love, Jackie

  7. Those cinnamon rolls look so good!


  8. Hey! Just found your blog. And I am in love.. even though you are a Ute. Haha. Adorable blog and beautiful couple. New follower!

    Love, The Skinnys

    1. haha i hope you can still love us even if we're utes! love your blog!!

  9. No wonder your parents love you so much! We miss you and Chase already, but it was so fun to have you here.

  10. Glad you guys loved your trip. I miss Utah too, when I first moved to AZ, I would go back and visit every three months. Now it's more like once a year...but then I'm really sad and cry on the way back to AZ. Utah will always feel like home. Great football game, I'll bet that was SO fun!

    1. so happy to know you feel the same..you're right, utah will always be home! love following your blog! xo

  11. it s tough living away from where you grew up, from the comfort of the usual things from being with family. i would cry if i was away from my family dog, heck i miss my two dogs when i am at work

    1. haha i'm so glad you feel the same! the fact that you are a dog lover means we are supposed to be friends. can't wait to check your blog! xo

  12. I loved that game! Please say you were one of the crazy fans who ran on the field?!


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