Sunday, September 16, 2012

sunday notes

dear home, there really is no place like you.

dear ginger ale, you are my favorite airplane drink.

dear monday, you will be a tough one tomorrow after our fun weekend home.

dear delta, don't mind the 4 bags we are checking coming back to CA today...

dear nieces & nephews, how do you grow so much in between the times we see you??

dear family, you are our FAVORITE.

dear utes, you made our ENTIRE YEAR last night!


  1. So glad you got to see your family!!!!

  2. we are the same person- I LOVE ginger ale- but ONLY on airplanes hahahah I love you and am soo glad I saw you!!!

  3. Thanks so much for visiting and following me! :) LOVE ginger ale too! I missed the Utes game but heard SO much about it!


  4. It was so much fun to have you and Chase around this weekend! thanks for enduring family pics and loud kids in sacrament! Can't wait till thanksgiving to see you both again!

  5. yes lets trade buttons. i took yours and put it on my page. :)

  6. haha as much as a cougar fan i am. the utes put on a dang good show and kuddos to them! they earned it fair and square!

    your blog is adorable. and your hair is gorgeous.

  7. Although I'm a cougar fan, I still love this post! So simple and sweet :)


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