Wednesday, September 5, 2012

i have the coolest mother-in-law {post by husband}

no seriously though, i really do. and today is her birthday! we wish we could be there so bad, but luckily we'll be back in town soon to celebrate. here's a couple of reasons why i love her and why she really is the coolest mother-in-law:
pretty much this picture sums it all up. i dare anyone to find a 
cooler mother-in-law than this woman.
she's the most amazing waterskier and is a better 
athlete than i ever dreamed to be.
i'm pretty sure the whole family would agree she's the most
amazing wife and mother. there's no one else in the world
that does more for them than this lady!
she's somewhat of a celebrity in our home state who 
even appears in jamba juice commercials every now and then!
she's ridden her bike over most of the country 
and has even done an ironman triathlon.

she's ALWAYS the life of the party and not just that but she
throws the BEST ones too.

she even danced with all my groomsmen. 
now tell me that's not cool.

but the biggest reason why she is the coolest 
mother-in-law is because she has been my wife's 
best friend and best mother her whole life. she's taught
her everything she knows and is the reason my wife
is so amazing.

i sure wish we could be there with you linny but know that we're definitely thinking about you and are SO grateful that you are in our lives.

your favorite son-in-law
(i'm the only one, so she has no choice)


  1. this is the cutest post ever.

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