Tuesday, April 8, 2014

an april weekend

april is a good month.
i can't begin to say how happy
i am that it's here! we had one
of our favorite weekends in a while
last weekend. it feels like spring is
here to stay! lots of fun is coming up
the next few months, but also busy things..
so we relaxed and soaked this weekend in.
^^ we had a good run along the embarcadero, ending at 
the ferry building farmers market so we could finish our run 
with lots of samples + treats :) that's what i call good planning!

^^ grabbed lunch, read the paper. just another leisurely saturday.

^^ i like when my lunch date is wearing a donut shirt.

^^ when you walk past beard papa you have to
stop in for a cream puff. can't be beat!

^^ cocoa cream puff with vanilla filling is our pick.

^^ sent some shower invites off, can't wait to visit 
home and throw this shower next week!

^^ girls night out on saturday consisted of burgers and 
later donuts..hope the boys had salads to make up for that! :)

ate these ^^ while wearing these ^^

^^ went to dinner at our new friends' place and
our jaws dropped at their top floor view..
we'll come over anytime! :)

^^ ran some errands at our "city target"

^^ we took a little picnic to union square park
on sunday and had this view overhead...i love
that our apartment is a 5 minute walk from here.

^^ an entire area designated for flying kites...how can you not love it!

for friends to watch conference with! this was 
a good batch if i do say so myself.
i think i need to make another batch today,
they are just too too too good!

^^ ps ... this is how it has been the past few weeks. rainy + cozy
which i like, but this weekend's weather wins. thank you april!



  1. that looks like a fantastic weekend! A run, sweets, picnic- I adore California!

  2. That looks like a perfect weekend!! I am so jealous that you have a city target - I think they are in the process of building one in Boston :) Also, there was a few great snaps of your perfect nails...girl you have some fantastic nails!!

  3. this literally looks like the best weekend ever!
    and i am making those cookies tonight!!

  4. Your life is magical.

  5. i just finished my breakfast, but after this post i need .. a lot of food. all of that food. seriously jealous of your life, lady.

  6. What a nice weekend. I also LOVE Noah's, it was probably the cause of my freshman 15.




  7. These pictures are so lovely! Sooo makes me miss home!


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