Thursday, April 17, 2014

breakfast at tiffany's bridal shower

coming home means i usually get to 
throw a celebration for a friend...
in this case, my darling friend maria!
she got engaged in january and i was
so excited when i realized i'd be home
in april to throw her a bridal shower.
it lined up perfectly! i love this girl and
and lived with her during college in our
sorority we had some of
the best times and she's the life of the
party. she is the classiest person and is
basically audrey i thought
it had to be a "breakfast at tiffany's" 
shower! it is her favorite book / movie
so it was perfect. we served breakfast
for dinner, of course! loved showering
this darling couple and seeing our 
chi o friends! here are some glimpes:
^^ we had a little "bridal libs" sheet
for everyone to fill out and read.

congrats maria + cam!
let the celebrations begin now,
all the way to the wedding in july,
and for a lifetime! can't wait for 
these two to join the married club.


  1. Love this idea! How cute :)
    xo TJ

  2. Such a sweet shower idea! So many fun details!

  3. You are clearly adorable to plan this fun day. Love all the "Tiffany" blue accents. Pretty much my favorite color to see in my gifts. xo

  4. What a cute idea!! I love all the beautiful details :) Lucky friend you have!

  5. You did such a wonderful job and I love how everyone was dressed in their perfect LBD's!!

  6. Its really awesome breakfast and wonderful pictures. I like your dress and looks so much beautiful. girls christmas presents

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