Tuesday, April 22, 2014

my little friends

even though we don't have 
kids of our own, i can't
believe how much i
love being auntie em to
our little nieces + nephews.
why are they so cute and
why do they grow up so fast?
last week while visiting home
i tried to just soak up their
little faces and personalities
as much as i could since we
don't get to play with them all
the time! thank goodness for
facetime so they remember me.
here are some favorite moments!
^^ those little shoes in 
the stroller...
kills me!
^^ nothing better than a zoo trip!
^^ the cutest little dude at hires
^^ chase's sister added a new nephew to the crew
this week, i can't believe the timing worked perfectly
and i could meet baby parker! he is the sweetest!
^^ tay snapped this sweetest picture of will + kate
taking in their new baby brother! i can't get over it.
^^ i soaked up every second with this little angel
all week. i love being his auntie and LOVED
knowing he can now hear us with his cool
new hearing aids! he is the absolute sweetest.
 little tagg man! i can't even.
^^ knock knock at papa + yaya's door!
 the cutest zoo dates ever!
these pictures. can't handle.
i just want to squeeze them!
dear littles, your auntie em loves you!


  1. oh my goodness, they are adorable! wish i had some nephews and nieces, but i do feel like an auntie to my friends kids :)

    1. haha yes just as fun with friends kids!

  2. They are so cute!! I totally agree there is nothing quite like being an auntie!!! You get to be the cool & fun person to hang out with hehe!! I have two nieces and a nephew and it astonishes me every day that they are becoming these individuals who are pretty impressive (totally biased!)

    1. ha exactly! i completely agree, they are so smart and darling and we are both definitely biased :)

  3. They are gorgeous! Glad you got to spend some time with your family! Being an auntie looks like so much fun!

  4. i have no words for these pictures other than my heart is bursting. tagg at hires did me over

  5. Could they be any cuter?! Great pictures. You're such a cute aunt!

  6. Oh my! They are so adorable. You are quite the photographer!

  7. so so sweet! i love being an aunt too, i cant believe how much they grow!!! i dont want them too :(

  8. Such a cute post Em! I hope you don't mind me taking some of these photos. You are such a good photographer!


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