Sunday, April 20, 2014

early easter celebration

yesterday before i flew back to san francisco
i got to have a little early easter celebration
with my family. it was the best and now i get
two easter celebrations: one yesterday, and 
one today with husband. it was so fun to
hide eggs with my mom, cook yummy food
with my sister in laws and celebrate easter.
the very best part of easter is the reason
behind the celebration, and because of Him
we get all of the joys in life. happy easter!
^^ let the hunt begin!
 ^^ i cannot wait for her to be a 
grandma to my kids one day
^^ the CUTEST little cousin buddies
^^ i made a homemade coconut cake and it
turned out so yummy! recipe coming soon.
^^ cannot beat my mom's rolls.
food from home is the BEST!
^^ shirts off for easter egg dying!
i left this family easter dinner after such
a fun week at home and felt so sad.
living away from family can be hard
despite the fun adventure! tears are 
shed every single time. but, we will
see them soon and i'm so lucky i got
to be with everyone all week! plus...
^^ when you have a husband who has this waiting,
coming back is much better. he sure knows
how to welcome a girl home. happy easter!
today we celebrate our savior.

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  1. Loved easter with you! I might need some of these photos too! Thanks for documenting so well.


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