Wednesday, April 16, 2014

a taste of belgium in SLC

bruges waffles has been a longtime favorite 
of mine ever since it was a little cart at
the salt lake farmers market so many years it's grown into a salt lake favorite,
with a cute tiny location downtown, a 
bigger sugarhouse store, a waffle bus,
and a new location coming to provo.
i've loved seeing such a great place grow
and have success! the owner pierre is the
greatest, and i remember going into the
downtown shop when i was a freshman in
college and asking him all about belgium
and the town of bruges since i was just
about to leave on a study abroad to europe.
i fell in love with belgium and had to come
straight back to bruges when i came home
at the end of the summer because i needed
those authentic waffles in my life!
since then, pierre's brother in law frederic 
and his wife hadewich have moved out to
salt lake city from belgium to help with the
store and be part of it -- how great is that?
what a supportive family to come over and 
join the fun! i can't blame them :)
^^ i had to go to bruges this visit with
my brother + dad, since we were the 
original discoverers of this place in our
family and we love it the most. we take
all the credit for sharing it with the rest
of our family and we've been here too 
many times to count! it's the best.
^^ even the drawings look delicious!
^^ first things first, the sugarhouse waffle.
i only have one word for this: heaven.
^^ i love that they bring the spirit of belgium to the store!
also, bruges was one of my favorite towns i've ever visited..
so i love the bruges theme even more!
^^ the torpedo waffle = a liege waffle filled with bars of
belgian chocolate. what!! talk about genius.
^^ the famous belgian frites...i remember being in 
belgium and trying the frites with all the different sauces
and thinking of fries completely much better!
^^ i was so surprised  at how much i LOVED 
this sandwich! i thought i would just go for
the classic sweet liege waffles, but this
italian sandwich was incredible. trust me.
bruges has now become a lunch spot in my
mind as well as a breakfast/treat spot!
the sandwiches are so fresh and so yummy, 
served on waffles. can't beat that!
^^ but, my favorite of them all for sure.
the cinnamon liege waffle with creme + fruit.
^^ thanks frederic for meeting us and
telling us so much that we didn't know
about one of our favorite places!
bruges is always at the top of my list
when i come in town, and it's the first
and best of the authentic liege waffles
in salt lake city. go here if you haven't!


  1. I didn't know it was heading to Provo! That's exciting! I'm always trying to convince Provo friends how great it is but they are all caught up in their Waffle Luv and Awful Waffle so they don't believe me. ;) I could eat that speculoos by the spoonful. YUM.

    1. seriously-- you understand! the best of the best :)
      let's hunt for our favorite in the bay soon. xo

  2. wohoa that looks amazing!! How fun

    stop by,

  3. Everything looks great! We have a Belgian waffles and frites places here in Boston too. And someday I'd like to try the real deal right in Belgium :)

    1. you can't beat belgium, but thank goodness that they bring the goodness here to us! Xo

  4. Those look to die for! Waffles and fries?! Perfect combo!

    1. i know! belgium has life figured out!

  5. Can't wait for Brugges to open in Provo! I've seen the sign, but haven't heard an opening date. Do you know of one?

  6. Prices seem a bit steep for waffles and with the throngs of poor, starving students in the area, I hope there are enough other people to keep this places open. Someone send me a message and let me know if it works out...I'll be at El Azteca enjoying a chimi.


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