Wednesday, April 16, 2014

girls getaway to zermatt

since i'm in town visiting home for a week,
we planned a girls getaway with my mom and 
sis-in-laws. so lucky to have these ladies and
i miss them so much living away! (my brothers
have the best taste in wives). we left their kiddos
with the guys and headed up to park city for some
shopping + dinner, then on to midway to stay at
the zermatt resort...AKA mini switzerland. this
swiss alpine hotel is one of my favorites for a 
getaway close to salt lake city, because you really
feel like you're in europe! more on that below.
^^ as we got in the car to leave, my dad came out and
handed us each an envelope and said to open them
in the canyon...we open them to see this:
could there be a cuter dad ......?
^^ fitting room fun! he definitely 
gave us an excuse to shop.
^^ and we gladly fulfilled
my dad's request :)
^^ love that we always end up getting 
matching things when shopping.
like mother like daughter!
^^ after lots of shopping it was time for the best
pizza + spinach salad at maxwell's in park city.
then, onto the beautiful zermatt resort.
i am in love with this place. our room was 
to die for! those wooden ceilings...i mean!
^^ girl talk
after a late night of chatting and 
then sleeping in, we walked all around
the pretty grounds and paid a visit to
zermatt's sister resort, the homestead
to walk up to the crater + hot tub.
^^ we spotted my mom's new home...
furthest one away on the whole map.
i can't believe they are moving in june!! :(
^^ those mountains never get old.
^^ had to get a picture with their 
red jackets in the red sled!
^^ and, some hot tubbing with some more deep chats
truly...if you're like me and dream of
europe in your sleep, come visit the zermatt
for a closer version of it :) these buildings transport
you right to switzerland, the hotel is top notch,
and they even play cute swiss yodeling music on
the grounds. it's the best place and just far enough
from salt lake city to be a fun getaway.
^^ the balcony view we woke up to..
does it get more charming?
like my sister in law mindy said, 
"girls trips are good for the soul."
i agree! i love these ladies and i was
needing this time with them. cheers
to j.crew shopping sprees, late night
dinners, a cozy european hotel, chats
lasting until the middle of the night,
hot tubbing, laughing, and relaxing.
thanks for having us, zermatt!


  1. ohemgeee, what an awesome time. looks fabulous! your dad is so cute, and i love the polka dot shirts!

    1. he is the cutest! glad you approve of the shirts-- haha can't go wrong with polka dots! xo

  2. Love the zermatt! It is a fun getaway for sure. Glad you got some girl time! :)

  3. What an awesome little getaway and your dad - just the cutest!!!

  4. this looks like so much fun! and that letter from your dad was just the cutest thing ever!

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  6. seriously looks SO fun!
    your dad is the cutest ever seriously.

    i have never been to zermatt but want to now!

  7. What a cute place! I just got back from Switzerland, so even those this is in Utah, these photos made me nostalgic. :)

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