Tuesday, April 1, 2014

tuesday ten

happy april!! i've needed this month to get here.
we haven't had a good tuesday ten in a while,
because life hasn't really felt too normal in a 
while. it's been exciting, but not typical. i've
been off my game and trying to keep up. now
i'm feeling a tiny bit more back in the swing of
things, so here's a little random tuesday ten
list full of thoughts/ finds/ randoms. xo!

1. i love trader joe's for having the cutest plants/ 
flowers ever. and for $2.50? perfect little spring gift to 
drop off to a friend or bring home for your kitchen!

2. our cute friends started an acai bowl food truck
in the bay area! YUM. find them @mahalobowl
on twitter or instagram. you won't regret it!

3. does your dialect match up to where you live? this quiz was 
fun to take and see if how i speak matches up to where i live..
i got salt lake city, seattle, and san francisco..not too far off!
take it and tell me what cities you get! i love how even though 
the U.S. is the same country that speaks the same language,
there are different accents, slang, and dialects all across it.

4. turns out my dad likes to spoil chase too,
not just me! he sent these brand new running
shoes just in time for chase, since his current
shoes are wearing out! what a father-in-law:)

5. realized peanut butter 
+ brown sugar + vanilla + egg = 
the best peanut butter cookies.

6. ummm, chase's team at work went on a sailing outing
in the bay, and as they came close to the golden gate bridge
they decided to re-enact our proposal in the exact same spot
on a sailboat...haha! matt's reaction probably beats mine!
loved getting this picture and had to share it.

7. i love lemon water so much that i bought an evian,
then cut up lemons and put them in it! i know i could
buy lemon flavored water, but it's just not the same :)

8. parking in san francisco..just, no.
how confusing can you get? they have 
to put 3 signs up to explain the rules?

9. look at this link of the 50 most visited attractions
in the world -- surprising! how many have you been to?

from what is around them...it's crazy! some i have
been to and some not, and they are pretty surprising.
this is definitely worth the click for you fellow travel lovers.

and one more....
stop what you are doing and go get these
NOWWWWWW. favorite treat ever.
whole foods. get them and thank me later.

ps..happy april 1st!


  1. As I'm currently drinking water with lemon in it - I totally related to #7!! The picture of the re-enactment is hilarious!! I always get flowers from trader joes but never think to get their plants! All the perspective photos are amazing but The Arc de Triomphe is my favorite!! Hope you have a great day!!

  2. Does your dad want to send me some new running shoes?? ;) hehe. And the lemon water...I think I dislike it about as much as you like it! Ha. I always request NO lemons!

  3. Those coconut chips look so good! I had some like that in Hawaii and I've been craving them ever since!

  4. We became obsessed with acai bowls while we were in Hawaii. We were actually just talking about that food truck with some new friends in our ward because they are friends with them too and I think Tim knows him too? Such a small world out here haha!

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  6. Those coconut chips are one of my favorite things ever!! I can't get enough of them

  7. LOVE Trader Joe's flowers. Love. I'm not a big coconut fan, but those snacks look good. I'll have to check them out! Your dad is so sweet. He can send me gifts any time. ;)

  8. Thanks for shouting out Mahalo Bowl! :) David appreciates it. We need to see you guys again soon - asap!

    love mck

  9. I totally matched the dialect on that quiz! I think it said like two cities in North Texas and Oklahoma City... I am from North Texas and live in Norman, Oklahoma (work in OKC). Crazy!!

    1. isn't it crazy? mine was spot on too! they must be on to something!

  10. That dialect quiz was eerily on point! I got Grand Rapids, Michigan (the closest city to where I grew up). And I always claim to not have a Midwestern accent :-)



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