Monday, March 31, 2014

new apartment!

it's about time i posted about
our new place! it's been a work
in progress since we moved, went
off to europe, and came home to a
crazy month of work, visitors, a
photo shoot, more visitors, a napa 
weekend, a stop through dallas, and 
even more visitors! whew! life hasn't
calmed down. we've slowly but surely
put our tiny studio together, so that it's
starting to feel like home. i posted a
little bit about our building here when 
we moved in, but now here are some
pictures of the inside. we may pay the
equivalent of a salt lake city home 
mortgage for a little box studio in san
francisco, but the location and experience
are what we want right now. (and, we did
get a really good deal for san francisco :)
here's to making this little city studio feel
more and more like is a little
small and crazy, but we're livin' up this
 fun time in our life when we can fit 
everything we own into one room!
before the studio tour, i have to say that this
has made me nostalgic for our first apartment.
chase and i just looked at all these pictures from
when we had just moved in and signed our 
first lease together as a little married couple!
we still feel like newlyweds, but thinking of
that time makes me see how much we've
done and experienced together already.
the places you live become part of you & i
have loved the places we've lived so far.
here's to adding this place to the ranks.
we've now lived in 4 different 
apartments in less than 2 years 
of marriage...never a dull moment! 
^^^ this guy is definitely the best part of our place.
so is that little courtyard behind him...i love the
window showing the brick with the vines! 
^^ in love with these classic glass doorknobs
^^ everything in one room! we have since
put up curtains around our bed, so our visitors
have a little bit of their own space...and the white
couch rolls out into a full bed, so friends-- don't
let this little space keep you from coming to visit! :)
^^ see the difference? the curtains transformed
the place. thanks, husband + shelley!
^^ chase's cute mom helped me hang these over
the kitchen when they were in town last
was quite the project but she is a pro and i love them!
lucky to have an interior designer for a mother-in-law.
^^ getting creative with space and 
hanging pots thanks to kendall!
^^ new place = reorganizing pantry items into cute jars
^^ the white damask wallpaper in the 
hallway kills me. my favorite!
^^ for valentines day, chase surprised me and painted our
bathroom tiffany blue color. so much cuter. love him!
^^ just our street. we are living our DREAM!
i need to remember that when i miss our
old neighborhood in the south bay or feel
cramped in our little place...we have the whole
world outside our doorstep and it's right
where we want to be right now. the big house
with the yard and dog and space can come later :)
^^ we only have one little closet, so we got 
creative with space and chase built this wall
unit from ikea...brilliant! it's now covered by
the curtain we put up, so it works! city livin'.
^^ friends, hope you are knocking
on door #27 soon! more visitors please!
^^ chase made this for me when we were dating. 
so true and love that we live right here.
it is definitely an adventure!



  1. Love your studio and the idea of putting the curtain up to divide the space is brilliant!! When you have everything at your doorstep, you don't really need much space!!

    1. i know! it was chase's idea and it has made a huge difference with the 3 sets of visitors we've had so far!

  2. Change is always a good thing, and what a wonderful little house.

    / Avy

  3. so in love with your place! love all of the little details- I live in a small space too.. its cozy :)

    1. cozy is a good way to phrase it, instead of cramped :)

  4. love your charming studio! Loved ur cute decorating!

  5. Your style almost has a vintage feel to it. Love your mix of neutrals and frames. Might try to do that in our new place :)

    1. thanks! we are all over the place with the random decorations we have...a lot of our main things from our wedding are still in boxes at my parent's house, we didn't bring much when we moved to SF so just making do with what we brought! Xo

  6. I LOVE IT!
    coming to visit soon!!

  7. Such a sweet studio! You guys were so resourceful in creating space. We have that same sign, the macaroni to my cheese. :) Love it!

    1. love that we both have it! yes--gotta be resourceful when there's such little room! :)

  8. adorable! i love it! Ryan and i talked about how if we ever live in a studio we will curtain things off haha. And I want to come visit your place sometime soon, yes?

  9. come decorate my house? please? :) totes adorbs, sister.

  10. Okay I absolutely love your cute studio! You made it look so stylish and I am impressed with your home improvement skills! It looks perfect.

  11. I love your new place! It's beautiful!

  12. Very cute! I love all the white! And we're about to paint our bathroom a really similar color :-)

  13. Your new studio is super cute. Thank goodness for space saving and Ikea!

  14. Oh my goodness! You are the master of making the most of small spaces! I wish I could borrow you when I move into my small apartment next month. You guys have done a wonderful job and should feel proud for making it your own (and so beautiful, too!). Plus, the space is about who you share it with and where it's located. <3


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