Wednesday, March 12, 2014

the best way to come back from europe

i've come home from europe in lots of ways...late at night,
mid-day, with long layovers, with another trip right after,
and more...but we found the right way to do it this time.
i have never been so relaxed coming home! we flew from
barcelona ---> NYC ----> dallas and arrived at night.
instead of getting on one last flight back to SF that night,
we decided to stay overnight and take our final flight
the next morning. we were so tired and didn't want to
think about hailing a cab/taking a shuttle/ leaving the
airport because our flight was early the next morning.
that's when the grand hyatt DFW comes in...this
hotel is literally IN the airport. hard to believe, but
even harder to believe is that it's one of the top 3
nicest places we have ever stayed! i'm not kidding.
i kept having to remind myself we were actually
INSIDE the airport! it was amazing and so fun to
walk off the plane, down past some gates and into
a luxury hotel. if there's ever a time when a luxury
hotel is worth splurging on, it's when it's IN the
airport after 20 hours of flying & being jetlagged...
take it from us. we were so pleasantly surprised
and impressed with this hotel you wouldn't expect.
here are the top 7 reasons to stay at
the grand hyatt DFW...

1. literally walk off your plane,
go to terminal d, and nonchalantly take the escalator 
up to the nicest hotel just right in the airport. you 
don't even leave the building. for a quick layover
this is so incredibly nice. plus, who doesn't want
to stay in an airport hotel at least once?

2. even though this hotel is inside an airport,
you feel like you've gone off on a retreat to the nicest
hotel. they do everything possible to make you
feel welcome and relaxed...what a welcome on
our TV! i love personal touches like these.
^^they also had cheese + fruit waiting in 
our room--another classy touch. yum!
3. the rooms are big. it felt so nice to spread out 
after sitting on a cramped plane for hours and hours!
4. the bed is so comfortable. what is more important 
than that? especially after sitting in coach for 9 hours
and wishing for nothing more than a nice bed.
5. they have the best restaurant.
after we dropped our bags in our room
and changed, we came down to eat at the
newly remodeled restaurant in the lobby.
all of this was within 20 minutes of our plane can't beat that! this restaurant
is top notch...i'm serious. even after all of our
nice dinners in spain, this was the cherry on top.
so incredible, and the best service. our waiter was
so accommodating and put up with our jet-lagged
selves. he recommended all of the perfect things
and it was so nice to have a meal like this in an 
airport...instead of mcdonald's or sbarro or cinnabon :)
^^ the menu was lit up like a computer screen, so cool!
the grandmet restaurant is styled very modern and
once again, you definitely don't think you're in an airport.
^^ i have been obsessed with beet salads lately,
and this was one of my favorites. beet, argula,
carrot salad. so fresh, and look at that presentation!
^^ yummy tortilla soup with 
lots of avocado, so comforting.
^^ i don't eat red meat too often, but i love it
when it's done right. this was cooked perfectly
(after a few steaks in europe that were hardly cooked :)
and so flavorful. this beef filet with bacon mushroom
ragout + port reduction melted in our mouths. the brown
butter mashed potatoes were the best part!
^^ pan roasted mero seabass. i love seafood and this
was cooked to perfection with yummy cous cous.
and of course we ended the meal with a 
molten cake...this has become a little too 
much of a pattern, but that's a good thing :)
best dessert in the world!
^^ despite loving the molten chocolate cake, this
sticky toffee pudding actually won the dessert
contest that night. that's how yummy it was!
after all the sticky toffee puddings i ate while 
living in london, this one was up there with the best. 
6. there is a rooftop pool, open 24 hours a day
with a view of the runway. the view of
planes taking off is actually pretty soothing
and romantic! we loved sitting and taking it in.
how often do you get to go for a swim before a flight?
7. they gave us some nice treats to go before leaving for our
flight...nothing i love more than treats for the road!
and then we were up early + off for our 
last flight of 11 flights that trip...feeling
so refreshed from our steam room, pool,
comfortable bed, and amazing meal...
right in the airport. i want to go back!
we both turned to each other and said.
"THIS is the way to come home from europe!"
thank you grand hyatt DFW for
welcoming us back to america in style.

*this post was sponsored by grand hyatt DFW

but all opinions are 100% our own.


  1. your trip looked amazing!!! how do you work out traveling so much with a teacher schedule? I am a teacher too and I feel like travel has to be regulated to vacation time only! haha

    1. it was the best trip! california schools have "ski week" break in february, so we planned it around that! XOXO

    2. boo (for me, not you hahaha)! not in SoCal (I teach in Los Angeles!!)

  2. you are living the life, Emi! looks amazing!

  3. This is amazing!! What an awesome idea for hotels, I'm surprised there aren't more of these!

  4. I was just at DFW for my SLC lay over. Looks very nice but also looks very expensive for a layover unfortunately. Glad you had a safe trip back and got to spend a night in luxury!

    1. yeah it's definitely a splurge for when you really need it :)
      can't wait to hear more about your SLC future i hope! XOXOX

  5. Hey now, I like a good meal from McDonald's or sbarro when in the airport. It's like, tradition or something :) Haha.

    1. haha very true, i know what you mean! but this was a nice treat after lots of flying so couldn't complain :)

  6. That looks so great! I'm luckily from Minnesota, so whenever I go back home its usually only an hour-long flight from Copenhagen to Amsterdam, and then 8 hours to Minneapolis for me. In December I went to Arizona, and that was definitely a much longer trip- I coulda used an overnight hotel stay like you!


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