Friday, March 7, 2014

gaudi architecture tour in barcelona

i promise our spain posts are almost don't be too tired of them!
we just had too much fun and saw too much
beauty and i had to spread it out! speaking of
beauty...let's talk about barcelona architecture.
the buildings of this city have a distinctive flair
unlike any city i've visited, and that's thanks
to gaudi. he built that city! it is so whimsical
and incredible. before barcelona i wasn't sure
i would love the architecture because it seemed
like such a different is described as
"gothic" which didn't appeal to me since i usually 
prefer the white, classic buildings of paris
+ london. but once you get there, you see 
the charm and appeal of this style and it's 
impossible to not appreciate it. i walked with my 
neck craned up the entire time because i loved all
the detail and style on every building! amazing.
^^ casa battlo is probably 
one you don't want to miss.
sagrada familia is the most breathtaking of all
of gaudi's work, and parc guell was stunning too...
but these houses and buildings he designed are
not to be missed, because they are actual homes
that make up barcelona as a city! we loved 
walking the streets and spotting details. more on 
sagrada familia to come this weekend! xoxo


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