Friday, March 14, 2014

pizza is best shared with friends

i associate pizza with good friends and fun nights.
we had never tried blue line pizza when we lived in 
the south bay in the cute town of campbell, so we
we had to before our move was complete! we went our
best friends to have a night of the best deep dish + thin 
crust pizza. everyone was happy! yum yum yum.
^^ right in darling downtown campbell.
i love the small little towns all over the bay.
^^ their famous cheesy garlic bread is a 
perfect starter...i want some of this again NOW.
^^ i'll say yes to a fresh caprese salad any day.
if you're an SF resident you probably know 
little star pizza...these are the same owners, but 
blue line is a twist for other locations around the bay. 
^^ i'll also say yes to dinner out 
with these people any day.
we wanted to try one deep dish and
one thin crust, so this was the pesto thin crust.
i LOVED this. i'm picky about my pesto, and
this was flawless. so light, so flavorful. 
^^ and, the deep dish. let's be honest, people come
for this goodness. we got the classic and it
was devoured this so fast. that crust!!!
^^ this guy makes every situation entertaining.
i seriously wish all of you knew dusty, he is 
the greatest friend/craziest/most hilarious person.
he makes every situation a party!
^^ going, going...almost gone...
^^ i can't fully recommend a restaurant
if i don't love their dessert...this caramel apple bread
pudding was TOP NOTCH. really! melts in your mouth.
we all agreed it was one of the best bread puddings!
^^ also wish every one of you
could meet kendall...she is the BEST.
we are so lucky to have these two out here! 
and we're lucky they love dessert as much as we do. :)
^^ we loved meeting angela, one of the owners.
she is the cutest and she was so nice to chat with us! 
she told us so much about the pizza, and i always love
hearing the story behind the name of places...since 
blue line is famous for their deep dish and chicago 
is where deep dish pizza originated, they named it
after the chicago transit system which is called the 
"blue line." thus, the name blue line pizza! love it.
love you campbell, thanks for a fun night!
bay area people: you can try blue line pizza in
campbell, mountain view, burlingame, or
san carlos {coming soon!} or, try
little star in san francisco.
you have to try some of this goodness!


  1. Okay that looks SO delicious! You are beautiful Emi!

    1. come visit and we will take you there!!! :)

  2. That looks so delicious!! I am definitely craving some pizza now. :)

  3. YUUUMMM! Everything about this looks SO great! Good friends, good pizza, good desserts. Sounds like the perfect evening!

  4. These posts always make me wish we were friends! This pizza looks amazing.

  5. In my book, any night with pizza is a good night!


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