Wednesday, March 26, 2014

travel tips: our favorite luggage

we couldn't be happier to be working with
as our luggage sponsor!
we only work with companies we truly
love and want to share, and samsonite 
is one of those. i already knew they were
quality, but after trying out their new
lift spinner bags on our europe trip
last month, i am amazed at how
lightweight yet sturdy they are...a 
perfect balance! i chose this red color
and i am so glad, because i could always
spot my bag from a mile away as we
traveled through europe. here are the
top 3 reasons 
we love to travel with samsonite.
1. quality. 
you immediately notice the quality and durability
of a samonsite bag. they are so well made, and this is important
when traveling...bags go through a lot between planes, trains,
being shoved in overhead bins, being rolled along cobblestone
streets, being packed full, and more. i can't worry about my bag
breaking or falling apart while on a trip! like a good pair of jeans
or a little black dress, it's worth it to invest in one or two great
bags instead of lots of different cheap ones that end up breaking.
2. weight.
we went with the new lift line, because it is so light and
we knew we had a lot of transferring on our 4-city europe
trip. i am not just saying this, i couldn't believe the difference
in weight when i picked up my new samsonite compared to
my previous carryon bag. it truly is so easy to lift, so when
you pack it full you don't have a heavy bag on top of all your
clothes and belongings. this made a major difference as we took
off 13 different times on this trip and we always i 
need a light bag to lift in and out of luggage bins and in and out
of cabs! the best part is...even though these bags are super light, 
they are still durable..don't know how they did that.
3. spinner feature 
all of my carry-ons in the past have had wheels where you
tilt the bag and roll it. the "spinner" feature on these bags 
makes it so you can leave the bag upright and just push/pull
it in any direction. it was strange to get used to the first day,
but now i am used to it and love it. it simplifies things
and makes rolling your bag around city streets lots easier!
i love having a good bag i can count on to go 
all over the world with me. so far since february 
our new samsonites have seen madrid, barcelona, 
lisbon, porto, dallas, new york, portland, oakland, 
san jose, and of course san francisco. can't wait 
to see where we take them next!
^^ i love that mine is red! after always having a black
carryon and trying to distinguish it from other bags,
this one stood out perfectly and always caught my eye.
^^best packages to see at our door!
(and those big boxes ended up being 
very helpful with our move :)

we fully recommend samsonite.
no matter which luggage you use,
keep these 3 things in mind when you're
choosing it and you'll be a happy traveler!

see our tips for packing light here.



  1. We love Samsonite too! We purchased before our last Europe trip and 4-spinning wheels are pretty much best thing ever to make it thru the gates at the Paris metro. We literally got stuck the 1st time in Paris as we were dragging heavy bags behind us....

    1. haha i love that--so you understand the major benefit!!!

  2. good to know! Its so important to really have good quality luggage when traveling. It makes a huge difference!!

  3. these look awesome! I love spinner bags. How do I get Samsonite to sponsor my travels? ;)

  4. Love those polka dots! And the 4 wheelers are fabulous when traveling!

  5. Loving that red so much! But I am LOVING that polka dot bag!! where can I find it!

    Katie @

    1. isn't it the cutest! chase found it online for my birthday last year, i have to ask him where! it was somewhere random and only like $35 i think!!

  6. Thank you so much for the recommendation! I've been needing a new carry-on for awhile now... this may make me pull the trigger!

  7. I love the red! thanks for sharing! we are moving to europe next june, so I'm loving these posts!

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  9. We definitely need to get new luggage! Love the red. :)

  10. I have a read Samsonite bag too. It my absolute favorite!

  11. Loving that luggage and especially that backpack! I love all things polka dotted.

  12. How cool. There is nothing worse than finding out after a long day of travel that your bags didn't make it. Last year in Rome I found out that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" certainly applies when it comes to getting your misplaced luggage returned. Tracer tags are equal to way more than a pound of cure in my book. They allow the airline or anyone else who finds your bags to immediately contact you by email or text (without revealing your personal information) with a pickup location. I got mine at It worked like a charm for me and I ended up getting my lost bag back in less than 2 hours. Now I have them on my phone, laptop, passport and almost everything else that travels with me.

  13. Obsessed with the polka dot backpack!


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