Thursday, March 20, 2014

cycling in sonoma

this was one of my favorite days of my entire life
and it's one of my favorite posts because of that.
i hope the warm sun and happiness from this day
comes out of these photos. it was a day 
that i never wanted to end! i love any time 
spent with my family and parents, but this visit
knowing it was their last visit before they
move abroad for 3 years...i really stopped to
soak it up. i wanted to cry half the time thinking
of them leaving, but we were having too good
a time to be too sad. i'm so glad i have these
photos to help me remember my most favorite
day with my three favorite people spent on bikes
in an incredible place. life is beautiful!

after our relaxing stay in napa and our 
cozy dinner in glen ellen, it was over to sonoma 
to rent some bikes from sonoma valley cyclery
we picked a pretty gorgeous day for this!

^^ mama + husband. two people i adore!

^^ we rode past the cutest lady painting a vineyard...
we had to stop and make friends. she had a picnic
and her paint supplies and had done this in an hour!
she comes once a week to a new vineyard and paints.
not a bad life i'd say.. if only i had talent for art! :)

^^ sonoma is a place where you
literally stop & smell the roses.

^^ we went into a few wineries despite the fact that
we are not wine drinkers...let me tell you, there is
so much more to this area than the wine...which i'm sure
is incredible! we loved learning about the history of
the area, seeing the process at the winery, and meeting
so many nice people. everyone is happy when in sonoma!

^^ i love this picture of this boy that i love :)

^^ the wineries are  g o r g e o u s.

^^ is this what heaven looks like? i think so.
^^ the happiest, warmest memories from this day.
^^ i'll move in. 
we highly recommend renting from sonoma valley cyclery..
they also have a napa location called napa cycle sport.
brenna was so nice and helpful, and the shop is just
a few streets off the square so it's perfect to start from!
^^ my dad can't help but pick up new biking gear
everywhere he goes...also, brenna mapped our an ideal
12-mile loop through the wineries. it was perfect!
^^ best part of the day is that after all the incredible 
gourmet food we'd had in napa + sonoma, 
the boys ended the day with slurpees
and were just as satisfied :)



  1. What a gorgeous day!! So happy you got to soak up some quality time with your parents. :) looked like such an amazing day!

  2. What a perfect day for a bike ride! I hope we have time to rent bikes while we're there in May. It looks like they have some good bike paths to ride on.
    So glad you got to spend quality time with your parents.

    1. yes you should for sure rent bikes, it is the perfect way to see sonoma! so excited for you to visit! Xo

  3. are some of those pictures from Gun Bun? we did the same thing in Dec!

    1. yes! so so gorgeous. i wanted to stay forever!

  4. "The Well Traveled Wife" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

  5. this looks so amazing! it is so wonderful to have these sorts of days that you will remember the rest of your life. i would love to visits sonoma.

  6. I'm so happy that you were able to have that quality time with your parents before they leave. Your whole family will be blessed in ways you can't even imagine with your parents on a mission! Coming from a huge family of missionaries, I can truly say that missionary work blesses the whole family and countless others. :) I admire your parents, even though I've never met them. I can see their goodness.

    1. you are too sweet!!! that means so much, and they will love seeing this comment. it will be hard to have them gone for three years, but i know there's nothing better they could be doing!! xo

  7. Sonoma is such a gorgeous place!!

  8. Adding Sonoma to my travel list right now - looks absolutely gorgeous :) Pinned to my travel board!

    1. good decision!
      it's a cheaper way to feel like you're in the south of france :)

  9. Loving all the pictures, what a gorgeous day!!

  10. Such gorgeous photographs! The day looks like it was so much fun!

  11. this looks so amazing journey ! So wonderful pics that you will remember the rest of your life.
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  12. This looks so amazing journey ! So wonderful pics that you will remember the rest of your life.
    Bike Vacation


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