Saturday, March 22, 2014

a lunch to remember

my all-time favorite meals that stand out are 
the ones with not only the best food, but the 
best memories + feelings associated with them. 
this one had both. i have a feeling we'll 
remember this sunny lunch in sonoma forever.
can you tell last weekend was a good one? :)
el dorado kitchen is a MUST VISIT in sonoma. 
it's right on the square, and actually part of a hotel.
it's classy and comfortable and everything 
i love about sonoma all wrapped into one place.
promise me if you go to sonoma you will have lunch
outside on the pretty patio next to the pool...i promise
you won't regret it. maybe my favorite lunch ever!
^^ cheers to being together 
in one of the best places!
(and cheers to our waitress bringing us 
refreshing, non-alcoholic drinks for
us non-alcohol drinkers :)
^^ wish they were my lunch dates every single day
^^ love the yellow hotel balconies 
overlooking the restaurant patio
 ^^ even if you don't drink alcohol you can still enjoy
the drink flavors with mocktails...the "no"-jito and
sonoma spritzer were our favorite...yum!
^^ i'll be his lunch date any day
^^ perfection on a plate.
^^ meyer lemon fettucine. i can 
still taste how good this was. 

^^ my mom and i feel confident saying this is
most likely the best salad we have ever had.
i've never had anything like it-- it raised the
bar to a new level. crab salad with avocado,
grapefruit, and fresh radishes. so fresh, 
so incredible, so unique, so delicious.
please order this when visiting EDK :)

^^ local king salmon.
i can't get over the presentation.

just when we thought we had just
tasted the best food of our lives,
the dessert came out. i am speechless.
^^ none of us love lemon desserts, 
but our minds were changed with
this lemon pudding cake dish. it had a 
buttermilk ice cream with blood orange
 on the side and i can't even describe the taste
combination. we were all fighting over every bite!

^^ banana apple crisp, with
bananas. why have i never thought of this?

^^ of course you can never go wrong with 
molten chocolate cake. it's sort of like a
 consistent theme in our lives if you've noticed.
^^ and, this panna cotta with fresh rhubarb was 
the dark horse WINNER of the desserts. we were 
so busy trying everything else that i hardly 
noticed this little glass of panna cotta until
the end. when i took a bite, i wished i had only
eaten that! this was the most unique and 
delicious desserts i've ever had, and all of us
loved it the most just because it was so signature!
so along with the crab salad, get this for sure.
going, going...
^^ we loved our darling waitress so much we had 
to take a picture with her! she recommended 
the best things for us. she drives 2 hours each 
way to work here which i thought was crazy
until i had the i understand!
el dorado kitchen, you get a 10/10.
5 stars. thumbs up. perfect lunch date.



  1. The food looks so amazing!! And man... those sunny pictures sure make me miss California. Sonoma is such magical place!

  2. What a great place!! Great food and atmosphere, I would love to go there one day!


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