Sunday, March 2, 2014

lisbon by trolley & vespa

like you see here, we clearly loved lovely lisbon.
aside from the charming streets, colorful buildings
and steep streets, it could also be because of how we
saw lisbon...on a yellow vintage vespa and in a yellow
trolley...i'd say these are good ways to see a place!
{plus, they made the steep hills a lot easier..}
thank you to lisbon vintage scooter for sponsoring
our vespa all around the city! still dreaming of it!
trolleying around town!
^^ we even made a quick stop to google portugal in lisbon--
wow, only 4 people were working there! it was different
from headquarters, to say the least :) we loved meeting the
great googlers here and chatted with them for a while!
^^ portuguese gelato. big YES PLEASE.
^^ views from the castle up on the hill.
^^ best little neighborhood! we trolleyed all through 
here and then got out and wandered all over it.
praça do comércio right down by the water was one of my favorites.
the yellow square against that cloudy, sunset-y sky was too good.
love our little gopro that captures moments like these,
even though it was a little scary to see chase 
holding it out of the trolley on the tiny narrow streets...
glad no one got clotheslined as we went by!
^^ then i got cold. and took chase's coat.
we felt right at home in these cute trolleys
just like san francisco! so fun to ride all over.
if you go to lisbon {which you should}
you should definitely rent a vespa
or take the trolley...or both :) it made it
so much fun and we loved every second!
^^ whole family has the "find my friends"
apple app that shows people's location 
and my brother sent me this screenshot
saying "not every day my sister is in lisbon!"
a little different than where he usually sees my location!


  1. Love your beautiful pictures- as always! Thanks for all the pictures of Lison, wish I had pictures of my trip... guess I have to go back! Hope you are enjoying all of the SLC posts! I just heard I got into University of Utah so I may be moving west :)

    1. BEST NEWS EVER! congrats! hope you liked SLC enough to make the move, then we can meet up when i visit home! xo

    2. Yes! And I certainly did! Gorgeous place!

  2. with that yellow scooter! I am an expat living in Taiwan and get around on an adorable and girlie black + white scooter with circular mirrors but now I am thinking that my husband is in so.much.trouble because there is a strong possibility that I am going to make him take my scooter to a shop and have it painted yellow!

    1. haha i love that. yours sounds pretty cute how it is, but i fully support the painting idea! sorry to your husband :) haha

  3. Fantastic photos as ever. Love the yellow vespa and trolley. x

  4. Okay, so I am planning a trip to Portugal and Spain next year and I remembered you had just gone! Just out of curiousity, how long did you spend in each of these cities? Thanks Emi! Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. {}


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