Wednesday, March 19, 2014

napa love note

dear napa + sonoma,
i wish i could put the happy feelings i have for you 
into words. they're kind of like the warm tingles 
on my skin when i bask in your sunshine and
take in the green vineyards that go on forever. 
even when i think about visiting you, i can taste 
the very best food, feel the breeze as i bike along 
quiet country lanes, breathe in the smell of wood 
and smoke from ovens, and feel the golden sun 
at the perfect temperature.
this weekend we introduced you to my parents 
and you passed with flying colors. they loved you 
as much as we do, and you were quite a 
show-off with your 80 degree weather, 
lovely breeze, bike paths, sunny lunches, and 
cozy intimate dinners. you were a little slice
of heaven this weekend and every weekend 
we those are going to be increasing. 
we'll see you again soon! 

we started out in napa by staying at the meritage resort.
this place is just south of the town of napa, and it feels
so secluded. it's brand new and so nice with a spa, 
estate cave, pool, great rooms, shuttles to town, 
and a vineyard right on the edge of the property.

^^ after the best night's sleep in this comfy bed,
(doesn't this picture make you want to crawl right in?)
we headed down to the vineyard for a walk and then
for some breakfast poolside. what could be better?

^^ just two guys loving life.

^^ the vineyard is tucked against 
the back of the resort.

^^ view from our room window. 
i'll wake up to that any day.

it's easy to see why so many weddings
are held here in wine country!

even though we don't drink wine, 
it's interesting to see all of 
the vineyards + learn about different 
kinds of grapes they use.

my mom and i tried out the steam room and came
out to find these two in a serious game of bocce ball.

^^ exploring the spa with this handsome mister!

^^ and, golden dusk in napa valley.

^^ love that my mom is always up for some
late-night hot tubbing to end the night!

we loved staying at the meritage resort. it was so relaxing
and just nice and new. lots of fun people were there for
the weekend, and it has a great feel since it is just a little
bit outside town and very secluded. along with staying
here we had lots of great meals all throughout 
napa and sonoma + a bike ride, so more posts to come
from our weekend! wish we were still there!


  1. Can you adopt me so that I can travel with you guys?! As always I love all your photos!! You just really capture the essence of wine country!! We did a day trip to Napa & Sanoma last April and loved it!! It's just so picturesque there!! The spa looks amazing!

    1. haha i'm hoping we can at least travel together when we come to boston in the fall! love that you were just here last year-- the best! Xo

  2. I seriously love Napa, what a gorgeous part of California. My first time there was before I turned 21 so too have experienced a Napa trip sans wine, and I will say it is just as great! Gorgeous pics and fam!



    1. haha love that, glad you agree there is more to wine country than the wine! it is the best, we want to go every weekend!! xo

  3. oh this makes me miss home so much!

    1. come back and visit!! love that you are from of the best places in the world!

  4. pool side breakfast! I love your life! So fun!

  5. Looks lovely! We booked our anniversary trip in May to Sonoma! Super exited, it's our first time there!

    1. PERFECT place for an anniversary'll love it and i can't wait to see pictures and hear about it! xo

  6. really enjoying your travel pictures, emi! i see that you also have been to cinque terre-isn't it magical?! thanks for stopping by my blog.

  7. Beautiful part of the world. I can understand why people would have weddings there. I can feel the sun through your photos! x

  8. I was at this vow renewal location for dinner last month; we started with a mixed greens salad followed by mushroom stuffed raviolis. The salad was okay, but the raviolois was delicious.


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