Saturday, March 8, 2014

bon moustache boutique hostel

i've been telling you that hostels are changing,
and here is more proof. after staying in the
amazing independente in lisbon, we stayed in
we loved it! just look at their website and tell
me you don't love it right away. isabel is the
sweetest and we were so happy we stayed at
this great hostel. it was so clean, well designed,
welcoming, and we liked the location. it is a
little ways away from the main rambla, but
we thought it was really central for seeing
things like sagrada familia, park guell
and more. here is a little taste of this 
cute place! love the moustache theme!
{too bad chase didn't have one to match!}
thanks cute isabel!
she pointed us to some of the best local 
spots in town, including los encantes,
the biggest flea market. it was full of 
basically all locals, and we loved wandering 
around looking at all of the vintage art + furniture. 
^^ if only that chandelier would 
have fit in my suitcase!!
^^ it was huge!
also...speaking of shopping, i loved being back
in europe so i could go to 2 of my very favorite 
stores: primark and mango. had to stock up!
plus, there was a mango OUTLET 
right next to our hostel...bonus!

make sure to write down the bon moustache
to remember for when you visit barcelona!


  1. That is the cutest hostel I have ever seen!!

  2. Hi Emi! You left a comment on my blog a while back and I've been creeping your blog ever since. Love reading all of your updates :-)


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