Monday, March 3, 2014

where to stay in lisbon

we landed in lisbon early in the morning
and headed straight to our a m a z i n g
hostel, the independente. this is no normal
hostel. it is the old swiss embassy that has
been turned into the most well-designed,
great hostel! it is so nice, clean, gorgeous,
and welcoming. staying here is an experience
in itself! we really can't recommend this place more.
^^ it's on the top of a hill, so the walk there is a good
little workout pulling the bags..but it's worth it!
^^ the independente has a restaurant on the main floor: the decadente.
it is one of the most famous restaurants in lisbon, so it's really nice
to have it right where you are staying. breakfast is included and
dinner is reasonable and incredible! we had breakfast right when we arrived.
^^ loved the design and feel of our room.
gorgeous staircases ^^
^^ no, this is not the view from a is the view from
our room's balcony!!! ahhh! what a dream. i wanted to 
just stay up there forever and take it all in!
 ^^ view from our hotel balcony. you can see 
the castle, the river, the's a dream!
^^ those ceilings!!
we were starving after a long day going all through lisbon,
so we were more than ready for an amazing meal at
the decadente..and we weren't disappointed!
^^ perfect bread + cheese starter
^^ "portugal on a plate" ^^
i had to order that!
^^ they have so many fun events 
going on every night at "the indie"
we got back to our room, THAT VIEW!

we had to stop and see the ponte 25 de abril..
AKA the twin to the golden gate bridge!

then it was off to the next city early the next morning!
see more of lisbon here and here.


  1. Portuguese cod and wine night! Love it! Gorgeous hotel!!! my goodness! We stayed with family and a house rental but I wish we stayed there!. If you are craving some Portuguese food (and cod) back home try this recipe! xo!

    1. looks so good! i will have to make it soon when we're missing portugal...(already are).
      staying with family would be even better! XO

  2. Beautiful hotel and delicious looking food! I can't wait til we're there in 2 months! We booked Zenit Lisboa, so excited!

    Looks like such a beautiful city :)

    1. that hotel looks great! you'll adore lisbon! can't wait to see pictures.

  3. I stayed in hostels when I was studying abroad and while it was great when I was in college I'm always weary about doing it now!! My husband is a die hard hostel lover lol! your recaps have been great!! Love all the photos as usual!

    1. haha i know-- i have stayed in some pretty bad ones on my study abroad, but this one really is unlike any you can get private rooms! hostels now are becoming more chic (at least the good ones) so we love them!

  4. That hostel looks amazing. Better than some hotels! And that view is wonderful. I want to go to Lisbon now :)

  5. i think we are going to move here. like seriously. cause they have a bridge and everything haha. and your pictures look great!

    1. haha okay, adding it to your list along with portland, seattle...and west oakland :)
      do the pictures look bigger? or still not enough do you think?
      so excited to see our pictures with you!!!!!

  6. Still loving your posts about Portugal. Very nice pics.


  7. I love your adorable polka dot backpack!! Where is it from?

    1. thank you! my husband ordered it online for me, i think it was somewhere cheap like forever21! i will check! XO

    2. I was going to ask the same thing - It is so cute!!

  8. Bread and cheese..... yum... I could eat that everyday!

  9. Looks incredible I bet you had an amazing time. The food looked yummy as well.

  10. Oh wow!! what awesome photos they make me wish I could visit Lisbon and see things for myself but that isn't going to happen so I have to be happy with these photos.


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