Saturday, March 29, 2014

life lately

^^ i feel good about doughnuts being the first 
picture in our "life lately" post. this means
that life has been pretty good lately.


i love "lately" posts on other blogs and
on our own, because sometimes i just want to
remember the little things. so as i go through
my phone pictures from the last month
and find these little moments i've
captured, i post! enjoy the randomness.

^^ we now live 2 blocks from this famous 
SF ice cream shop. convenient // dangerous!

^^ i can't resist either of these things. stock is
perfect and better than any fancy flowers.
also -- even though we are downsizing, 
somehow i walked out of crate & barrel 
with these new bowls. that color is a dream, 
+ they were made in portugal and we just 
fell in love with that country 
so...i had to. love them!

^^ oops. more treats! i'm sensing a pattern.

^^ sneak peek of our little studio, we've made some
more progress and pictures coming this week!

^^ love march in california. ♥ it's been so warm
and lovely, but with some refreshing 
rainy days too. couldn't live without those!

^^ my life currently = commute. not cut out for it.
luckily it's only temporary! and luckily this
view is a good one to come home to.

^^ just a new view we discovered on our sunday
walk by going into a random hotel and riding
the elevator up to the tippy top...ummm wow.
i think we'll hang out here more often!

^^ don't worry, we are getting some healthy food in
our bodies with our friends' new food truck he opened.
mahalo bowl makes all different acai bowls, and they
are killer! right now he is all through the south bay, so 
find them on twitter or instagram at @mahalobowl.

^^ got the best package + i can't wait to stand
by my stunning friend on her wedding day in july!

^^ a mid-week slumber party with my 
favorite girl kendall called for these. 

^^ chase's best friend came down from seattle
for a visit. thai food, running, catching up,
and long walks around the city included.
we love sam!
^^we've discovered a favorite 
breakfast place. can you see why?

^^ juice bar regulars.

^^ one of my favorite places to be at dusk.

^^ i love the location of our new
apartment. we can walk anywhere
in SF! usually we use this benefit
to go on fun walks with a stop for
dinner or treats. love this cute guy.

^^ runs through the city are so much easier because
you don't feel like you're running...just enjoying
the busy city! ALSO- we discovered the most
amazing tennis courts with a view of the
golden gate bridge...can you stand it?

^^ trying (key word--trying) to get back 
into healthy eating. too busy to eat healthy lately!
good thing we also live close to these stairs...
and lots of hills to make up for all those treats!

^^ chase is my personal trainer and says i 
need more arm strength (i think it's because 
he realized how weak i was during our 
move last month! :) so he makes me 
lift kettle bells with him and took this 
picture to show me my "lifting form." haha 

^^ new monogrammed gem from marley lilly arrived,
and one of my favorite parts of SF...people leave darling
furniture on the street for free! i was walking home from
the gym and called chase to meet me to take this...
it is now in our studio! (after lots of cleaning off...)

^^ we celebrated kendall's birthday
with the cutest outdoor party.

^^ and treat wins again at making the perfect card.

^^ i'm now obsessed with their personalized
cards and can never go back to any
other greeting card! happy birthday to
kendall, she is our family out here.

^^ and so is dusty.

^^ rainy weekend view from our bed all saturday morning,
and a rainy walk home from the gym in chase's jacket.

^^ bread pudding date.

^^ our street..................

^^ it's unfair that we have to walk by the best doughnut 
shop in the city on our way to church every sunday...

^^ we finally paid a visit to the new exploratorium
in the new location on the embarcadero. it is pretty 
fun, but probably more fun for people with kiddos :)

^^ this was my favorite wall...all the 
words made in their literal material!
also, yay for pi day for getting us in free!

^^ outing with these two cuties
after a photo shoot with the
talented to come!

^^ k. whyyy are there so many good treats in this
city? i need to start walking around with a blindfold.

and, there's that view again.
i told you we'd be coming back often..
it's our little secret favorite spot.

cheers to a fun march, i am 
counting down until april! 


  1. WOW! Everything looks so great! The food, the fun, the friends and family! Love your travels SO much!!!

  2. So many good sweets and treats! And you just can't beat those views!

  3. That's a whole lotta good food and treats in one post. Yum!

  4. I love these posts :) you should definitely make them a regular!

  5. love these kinds of posts! looks like you have been up to a whole lot of fun! i'm excited to see what you end up doing after the school year ends!

  6. I love that ampersand pillow! And donuts are ALWAYS a good choice.

  7. Adorable photos. Those doughnuts look amazing

  8. Love your adorable little studio apartment. Where do you guys live?!?!

    1. thanks dear! lots of pictures of it coming tomorrow :)
      we live right in downtown san francisco!

  9. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. and we have the same crate and barrel bowls because we are the same person. miss you

  10. Love, love, love this! Thank you for giving me the perfect ideal for combining all of my blog post ideas into one. :-) And now I want a donut. Ummm, thanks for that.

  11. Girl loved this post! Um we need to get together soon and do some exploring! And I definitely need to be taken to that awesome view, I love it!

  12. in love with your street! life has been sweet ;-) for you guys!

    Question- what kind of camera do you use?! thanks! xo C

    1. thanks dear! it's been crazy but lots of good little things :)
      i use a canon rebel DSRL t3i with a macro lens, but a lot of these are taken on my iphone 5 and edited in VSCO cam!

    2. Thanks emi! :)

  13. thanks dear! it's been crazy but lots of good little things :)
    i use a canon rebel DSRL t3i with a macro lens, but a lot of these are taken on my iphone 5 and edited in VSCO cam!

  14. Soooo many delicious treats in this post! I loveeee your pink hunter boots, too cute!

  15. So many cute pictures and delicious treats!! Your apartment is darling and so is your street!! SF is such a fun city...always love reading about what you guys are up to!

    Also, Sam is such a great guy, what a small world!

  16. Love the design! Super cute! Ps where did you find the desk? I think that is what the white looking hutch is....

    1. thanks! we got it at the cutest vintage furniture store near santana row called shabby-ette, love it!
      haha we'll pretend this is on the other post :)


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