Thursday, March 6, 2014

our most memorable meal in spain

our most memorable meal in spain was definitely 
los caracoles. WOW. it was a trip back in time and
so authentic to the spain experience! it had been
recommended to us for when we visited barcelona,
so we were happy that the great owners wanted
to have us come do a feature! this restaurant has been
in the family for years, and has been passed down through
the bofarull family. it began as a tavern in 1835 and
is one of the best known restaurants in barcelona.
it is a little touristy, but in a good
carnegie deli in NYC. it is a charming, historical
place you don't want to miss in barcelona!
^^ the picture behind chase is of the owner's 
father + grandfather..and now she owns it
with her brother! love the family tie.
they sat us at that same "head" table!
when you enter the restaurant, you
walk straight through their kitchen!
you can feel the heat from the stoves, and
all the chefs say hello as you pass. 
so fun, different, and memorable.
^^ fresh seafood, yes please.
^^ it's the coziest restaurant, because it used to
be an old house so they just made all the rooms 
into you walk up windy staircases, into
little rooms, they just keep appearing! i loved it.
^^ of course, had to get paella in spain!
los caracoles makes such a good version.
^^ more fish!
^^ the snails, one of their signature dishes...eek!
confession: we didn't try this...haha just can't!
^^ garlic shrimp. my favorite.
the owner told us that whenever
lenny kravitz is in barcelona he
orders this to-go! :)
^^ i told you, you get the real experience
here -- loved these musicians and listened
to them play all throughout dinner!
^^ paella in process!
^^ they fire roast all the chicken right
at the entry of the good!
^^ magical environment
^^ BEST fresh pineapple for dessert
plus, crème brûlée.
they took me back and let me help make it!
^^ our great waiter
there's something great about watching them
cook your food the entire time -- it makes
you appreciate it after seeing all the work!
^^ lastly, we are not alone in loving this place.
they have the walls covered with frames of
famous people who have visited. above is
the owner with jimmy carter himself! 
^^ bon jovi, lenny kravitz, the list goes on...
thank you for the great night!
in spain they start eating dinner
around 9pm every night, so let's
just say we left the restaurant
around midnight...worth it!
^^ haha shout out on the los caracoles facebook!
we left very full so we were happy for
the pretty walk home on la rambla 
missing it already!


  1. Ay, you have made me hungry for comida de Espana! And, snails are worth trying at some point essentially they taste like garlic and butter as they put so much of those on them....

    1. haha i have tried them in france and i agree the taste isn't too bad but mentally i just can't do it!

  2. Wow what an absolutely amazing place!

  3. Yet again your pictures leave me hungry!! I am really craving paella now!!

  4. That crème brûlée looks amazing!

  5. Just catching up on your trip photos - amazing! I've always wanted to visit Spain and now I want to even more :-)

    Btw the post for your dad's birthday was the sweetest thing ever! I'm sure that made his day.

  6. I'm always impressed to see how much adventuring you do.There are few things better than a good meal with a view.


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