Wednesday, March 5, 2014

la rambla + la boqueria

you might have noticed by now that we LOVE food 
and always make sure to stop at big food markets in
any city we're traveling in. if you know this then you
know it's a big deal when i say the boqueria in barcelona
might be one of my FAVORITE food markets in the 
world! wow, still dreaming of that place. i could most
likely live there and be content. it is a giant market
right off la rambla (main pedestrian street of barcelona)
so everything about it is perfect. the fresh fruit juices 
for 1€ were my dream come true and i want one right
about now...or ten. europe just wins at food in general.

^^ a big stand of every kind of fresh juice imaginable..
AKA my dream! i could live off these. we probably tried 10.
^^ fresh coconut.
^^ the colors of those juices! coconut mint, yum.

^^ right as i took this, these little guys moved! eeek! :(

^^ the best fruit of them all.
^^ there are the greatest little alleyways off 
of la rambla. wandering down them is a dream.
^^ back out on la rambla. love the hustle bustle!
a boy and his crepe.
^^ and, back at the juices.
my mouth is w a t e r i n g for these juices right now!
completely natural, fresh squeezed juices in the best flaves.
^^ stopped a lot for tapas, tortilla de patatas, and churros con chocolate...mmm
as we made our way down la rambla we stopped
into plaça reial on the way to plaça del rei.
plaça del rei, the steps where columbus told ferdinand & isabella
that he had discovered america...pretty amazing to think of!
^^ being columbus
^^ columbus statue down by the water at the edge of la rambla.
on the way back to the hotel from the metro
we had to stop at pronovias, the designer of my
wedding dress, headquartered in spain! thanks sara!
see more barcelona here.

ps..say happy birthday to my dad today here!


  1. Stop it with the gorgeous foodie're making me hungry! : ) xx

  2. I'm not sure there is anything quite like La Rambla anywhere else in the world!! Barcelona was one of my favorite stops when I was studying abroad and I just remember thinking how amazing it would be to live there!! That market looks fantastic!

  3. Europe does win at food, for sure!

  4. People who love food are the BEST kinds of people :) Grumbly tummy after that post!


  5. Amazing pictures! CHURROS yumm!!


  6. Looks like you had fun! Your photos make me wish I was there!

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