Saturday, March 15, 2014

guess who's in town!

what is better than a visit from parents?
i couldn't be happier that my cute mom + dad
arrived in san francisco for the next few days...
just when i really needed it! i am smiling a mile
wide. this will be their last visit here for a while 
next 3 years, so i am soaking up every second 
of this time with them. they arrived late at night
to our new tiny studio that we got set up just
in time for them {and lots of other visitors 
coming soon}. we stayed up late eating 
doughnuts and chatting and being together, 
then fell asleep and woke up first thing in the
morning to head to a fun breakfast at a place
i've been dying to try! it was a perfect 
start to their visit, and so yummy. 

we love breakfast in this family, so i'm 
glad i took them to a great new place 
close to our neighborhood-- honey bistro!
it's right downtown and has only been open
for 6 months..but it has completely changed 
the street corner it's on! the owner jeannie
owns another restaurant in san francisco,
SAM's diner...and she has done such a great
job with honey bistro. she says her main
priorities are to make the food simple
and make it fresh. she has great chefs
and staff, and although they are only open
on weekdays right now because of being
downtown, they also offer catering and
private events, and they may start to do
weekend brunch...fingers crossed!

good breakfast + time with parents = happy girl.
we loved the egg white veggie omelette. 
everything was so fresh, and avocado 
just makes everything better. the greek
yogurt parfait also tasted amazing and
started off the morning right!

^^ let's just talk about this for a second...
 the famous "honey bear" sandwich:
layers of nutella, peanut butter, banana, 
+ honey with bacon all on toasted sourdough.
this alone is good enough to come here for.

^^ homemade hot chocolate. i am actually pretty
picky about my hot chocolate {i think i got it from
my dad...} and this was no swiss miss! it was
homemade and so delicious. we all shared it
and it was gone so fast! good hot chocolate is
the sign of a good place.. don't you agree?
^^ he thought so. 
thank you to jeannie! we loved chatting and
hearing about all the thought she puts into
her restaurants. i can't believe she balances
two places and catering on the side. she is
the sweetest and makes honey bistro the best!
we're so glad that honey bistro is now in
the city and close to our just
may become one of "our places!"
happy weekend, lots more fun from time
with my parents' visit to come! 


  1. I loved my veggie omelette at honey bistro, but mostly loved being with you!!!

  2. That looks very nice! Love the "honey bear" and I am picky about hot chocolate too. I am definitely a hot chocolate snob! x

  3. Your parents are adorable! And that food looks amazing

  4. All of this food looks incredible! I want to go to honey bistro like now! Lol it's great that your parents came to visit, you guys are so cute!


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