Wednesday, March 5, 2014

happy birthday DAD

i lucked out with michael dunn as my dad.
he is: an emmy-award winner, a bear
attack survivor, a director, producer,
writer, joke-teller, grandkid spoiler,
chocolate lover, green-tie wearer,
friend, husband, dad, + papa bear,
and future mission president.
i love him so much and am always 
proud to call him my dad! we really 
wish we could be at home celebrating 
this year, because my parents are
 for the next 3 years starting in july...
luckily we will see him next week
and celebrate more then, but we
sent him a package to have today
and the greatest card from our 
favorite site, treat. seriously this card
i made on was so perfect
because growing up my dad was
always the creative one who
would design magazine covers
with our face on sports
illustrated with my brother on the 
cover--way ahead of his time!
so when i saw this design i had to 
customize it because i knew he'd love
it. cards can be the best part of a gift, 
& it's hard to find good ones--
but this website is my favorite!
^^ my card for him...haha "WORLDNEWS" 
cover! this guy completely spoils all of us...
{just sent us both brand new pairs of
running shoes last month for no reason}
so we love to spoil him back! here are
some parts of his birthday package..
^^ the man loves dark chocolate, and 
he loves peanut butter. how could i 
not pick this up for him? mmm!
^^ he is a big-time photographer and
also loves his iphone so i had to get him
this set of lenses for the iphone camera!
we also sent him a new youtube t-shirt
he wanted from the google store, and
some cinnamon chocolates from portugal.
hope you liked your gifts + card, dad!

when i was going through old photos for his birthday
card, i had so much fun picking out a million pictures
of him from my phone, old camera, etc. i have to share some!

so now, for a few reasons why 
i lucked out in the dad department.
 he's the sweetest dad.

his high school yearbook photo.
no explanation needed.

he taught me how to be cool early on.

he's good at everything.
(i'm serious. golf, tennis, waterskiing,
running, ironmans, writing, 
you name it. he's a pro.)

he got us a horse when we 
were little..every kid's dream!

he's a classic.
seriously i wish i had 
known him in high school!

he's a stud!

he's hilarious.

you never know what face 
he'll pull in pictures.

he randomly loves the giants. like a lot.
he wears this giants jersey roughly 75%
of the time. he also bought the above
crab sandwich for $19 because "you have
to get a crab sandwich at the giants game!"
he's all about the experience.

in high school he took me to nashville to see
the country music hall of fame...and spent 
all day with me there even though he is
not the biggest country fan (what a dad!)

he's taken me all over the world.

he survived a grizzly bear attack
(and can laugh about it..and still loves bears)

he is always photo-bombing us :)
^^ see what i mean?

he went to jamba juice so often that 
they asked him and my mom to be in 
their commercial.........i'm serious.

he's always prepared (wears this 
crazy ralph lauren coat all winter)

he picked the best woman as his wife.
(and had some nice hair)

he loves new york and has always
taken us there. he knows that city well!

he taught me how to kneeboard at lake powell.

this is how he and my mom paid for my study 
abroad...a suitcase full of cash. he's a clever one! 
he spoiled us but always in ways 
that made us appreciate it.

he's such a good photographer on 
the side and has captured so many 
moments of my life...from volleyball
games to tennis matches to high
school prom to our proposal,
you name it, he's been there for it all.

^^ he has a book on tape. 
and it's amazing.

^^ he loves chocolate. 

^^ he loves sailing his little laser.

^^ he's an IRONMAN. and boston marathoner.
and 100-mile ultramarathoner. i am 
exhausted just from typing all that.

he loves java chip ice cream and eats 
it with a giant spoon if necessary.

he loves "the promise of so-cal."

^^ he taught me to be a ute fan..
and a kettle corn fan.

^^ he is basically lord grantham.
(downton abbey fans--
hope you appreciate this)

^^ he wears ridiculous hats

^^ see above.
(we all thought he was joking trying
on this fedora at nordstrom in chicago, 
but i caught him wearing it all around 
the store dead seriously! HAHA been a 
family joke ever since...maybe that
should be his birthday present next year!)

^^ seriously what is it with the strange hats?
he even gets chase in on it sometimes :)

he's young at heart.

^^ he LOVES a good meal at roy's.

he has always taken care of us.

he is up for anything. (except roller coasters.)

^^ he bought me my dream car...and
patiently taught me how to drive it (stick shift!)

again with the photo-bombing! :)

he loves dogs and trained all of ours perfectly.

he wears his ironman jacket everywhere...
when he's not wearing the giants jersey.
he deserves to wear it though, and he is
proof that "anything is possible."

^^ he is one cute grandpa

^^ kids LOVE him and he will never say no to playing 
with grandkids or any kids! also he got
tagg that hat that says his name...the cutest.

^^ he helped chase pull off the perfect proposal.

he's taken me on countless daddy-daughter
trips..and bought me those tory burch shoes,
which he called "tory amos"...who is a singer...
not a designer. haha gotta love him!

he is an animal and will train you
so well...AKA force you to run up
the hills and stairs of san francisco

he literally took me to "breakfast at tiffany's"

he's such a good husband to my mom.

he doesn't take himself too seriously.

he LOVES lance armstrong and even met him!
(took this pic alongside him...before 
lance's doping downfall.)

he has always pushed me to be my best.

he is the best father and father-in-law.

he treats my mom like gold and lives by
his mantra: "underpromise, overdeliver."

i love you, dad! thanks for being such
a fun, good person and making all
of our lives better. we celebrate you
today and every day! XOXO
and so glad the package made it there!!
loved facetiming in this morning as
he opened it at his birthday breakfast.
we are sad to miss the bowling party
tonight but we'll be there in spirit
(and in facetime!) XOXO
^^ ps. treat, you did make an awesome card. thank you!
wish my dad a happy birthday! 


  1. how cute!! WHERE is that dark chocolate peanut butter from?!
    I NEED!

    1. it's to die for...pb&co is in whole foods, or you can order online at !!!

  2. I love your dad. He's one of the greats. Stephen worships his friend Mike! Sweet post, Em.

  3. This was such a sweet post to read. What an incredible person!

  4. Such a nice post! Happy birthday to your dad!!! :)

  5. What a wonderful ode to your father! He sounds like an incredible man in so many ways, you lucky gal!
    Memoirs of a Pilgrim

  6. Awesome! Love that you pampered him on his birthday. So many happy memories that you have shared.

  7. This is adorable Em! Wonder dad right there! Happy Happy Birthday to your dad!

  8. Let's be honest here; after a post like that, it's pretty obvious who the lucky person is. Me. Emi's dad. How did I get so blessed to have a daughter like this? I haven't laughed and cried this much in a long time. Thanks for such a sweet birthday overindulgence. Now I'm going to find some chocolate to eat. I love you Emi girl!

  9. What a great post! So many happy memories and many more to come I'm sure!

  10. Such a sweet post Emi! Happy birthday to your Dad.

  11. Emi I LOVED this post! You and your dad seem to have such a fantastic relationship. He's really your friend, not just your dad. I'm close to my dad as well and really loved seeing all the photos. He sounds like a really great man.

    1. you are so nice, that means a lot and i love that you're so close to yours too. dads are the best! XO

  12. dads are the best. whenever i hear or see a story about someone who grew up without parents, especially a good dad, it makes me sad for them. they're truly missing out! my dad is one of my favorite people in the whole world, and it's clear your dad is one of yours :) love it.

  13. That was the most beautiful post Emi!! It brought a tear to my eye, and certainly made me feel nostalgic! It's so touching to have such a special relationship with our fathers, and your post was absolutely inspiring. Steph (Something Borrowed) Xxxx

  14. This was such a sweet post! I loved getting some insight on your family, your dad seems so wonderful, kinda like my dad :) The two of you look like you have so much love for one another. And it's so cool that your parents will be living in South Africa! Dope!

  15. Sending my mom and mother in law a Treat card this year for mother's day! Love them!!


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