Saturday, March 8, 2014

la sagrada familia

la sagrada familia is one of the most incredible
things we have ever seen. i had heard of it before,
but never truly grasped what it was until visiting
barcelona. it is crazy! chase and i watched a special
about it on 60 minutes before our trip, so we were 
even more excited to see it. gaudi, barcelona's
famous architect designed this as his grandest project.
it was so detailed that it took the end part of his life and 
is still in will likely finish 100 years after
his death! that sounds crazy until you go and see how
e n o r m o u s  and detailed it is. there really is no
way to explain it! gaudi built detailed models of his
vision so that it could be finished after he died, and
you can see those downstairs. it is all pretty awe-inspiring. 
^^expensive, but totally worth it to go into the church and up
the towers. spend plenty of time and get a guide or read up before!
^^ still under construction, and will be 
until maybe the middle of the century!
it is so much taller than you can see here.
^^the detail...couldn't get over it.
the entire life of Christ is depicted on the front.
^^ steps on steps on steps
there is so much light and color inside this cathedral.
gaudi was well known for his love of nature, and 
that comes through in sagrada familia. he once
said, "the great book, always open and which we
should make an effort to read, is that of nature."
he wanted the inside of the cathedral to feel
like a forest, and i loved viewing it that way.
you can see more on their website here.
it is the most visited site in spain, for good reason.
one more post of our last night in spain on the way!


  1. oh my word that is absolutely amazing!!

  2. I was there August 2012, and my pictures from the outside look different than yours! Good to know they're slowly finishing it lol :)

  3. b e a u tiful pictures! What an amazing place!

  4. After viewing these all photo i must say you did really fantastic tour of Sagrada Família. Sagrada Família, is a large Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, Spain, designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. I traveled columbus to new york many time and every time i saw a big board of Sagrada Família church at a building and make a wish to go their. You take all photos very well they make me so hurry to go there.


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