Sunday, March 23, 2014

bye, mom & dad :(

this visit from my parents was my 
favorite one yet, and we've had some
pretty good ones... but this was extra
special (and semi - sad) because it was
the last time they will visit for the next 3
years as they are moving out of the country.
to make up for the tinge of sadness on this 
trip, we did what always brings happiness:
we ate well. especially in napa, food capital
of the world! two words to remember if you
visit napa: oxbow market. it's foodie heaven.
^^ the famous oxbow market...home to some of our
favorite food in the world. the best of the best!
we have two favorites from oxbow that we love most.
^^ these two classy parents strollin' napa
^^ we chose very well by eating at c casa, one 
of the most unique, fun food places i have been.
catherine is 1) the cutest person ever and 
2) an amazing culinary genius. i'm serious! she
takes tacos and makes them into works of art.
also, her desserts. i can't even! they are too
cute and delicious for words. plus, that
lemonade? too good. she recently opened
cate & co. right across from c casa, and it's
a little bit more traditional lunch stop with 
sandwiches, salads and desserts. they are both
so great in different ways, and it shows her
versatility as a chef and caterer. we loved both!
every single thing at c casa and cate & co. is handmade.
from the tortilla chips to the desserts to the truffle potato
chips, all made in their kitchen. you can taste it!
we tried the lobster taco and my dad tried the buffalo (!!!) taco.
these are no normal tacos. every bite, so incredible! 
^^ i am a dessert girl, and these are to die for.
the names + displays alone are my favorite, and
then you try them! we did the olive oil upside down
cake because it's so unique and so napa. delicious.
'sin'-namon buns. i love it!
^^ catherine, AKA darling chef behind these two places!
our other must-stop at oxbow market is in 
the south building, called model bakery.
even though you'll most likely be full while
visiting oxbow, you have to stop for a bag
of their famous english muffins. you won't regret
it the next day when you toast one up with 
honey on is not a normal english muffin!
trust me! they have something special going on
and they melt in your mouth. this bakery has such 
great pastries and just came out with a 
cookbook. the english muffins are the hit, and 
they sell out by noon pretty much every day. 
loved this place!
^^ their yummy morning bun + pastries were so good,
but the english muffins really won all competition.

we headed back to SF after such a nice weekend, and
the night before they left to go home we made a late-night
run to bob's donuts (a san francisco favorite). like i said,
good food helps ease the pain of saying goodbye :)
^^ hhaa, i can't even comment. pure joy.
^^ love these two!
they came to church with us before heading back home.. 
(tears!) love you parents, thanks for a memorable 
visit filled with biking, eating, laughing, hot tubbing,
more eating, and being together in san francisco,
napa, and sonoma. i will head home to salt lake city
once or twice before they move, and our entire family
has a trip in newport beach in may...but then we'll
have to look forward to our visits to south africa
to see them! i know they will be even more memorable.


  1. How cute, always value the time you have with them.


  2. You always have lovely food photos in your blog and I end up hungry! ; ) Glad you spent some quality time with your parents before they left. x

  3. You kill me with all this amazing food! Yum yum yum. Parent visits are the best! My mom is coming out next week and I can't wait!

  4. goodbyes are always so hard when it comes to family! but what an amazing time you must have had! (it sure looks that way! :)

  5. I love Oxbow market. We always go to C Casa too! :)

  6. When parents visit it is the best! Mine are coming this week, so excited:)


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