Wednesday, April 23, 2014

you can't go to salt lake without eating at porcupine grille

you can't go to to salt lake without
a stop at porcupine grille. it is
one of my family's favorites, so
i was excited to come do a feature!
it's a favorite among locals and
tourists, since it's right at the base
of the canyon leading to some of the
best skiing in the state (snowbird,
alta, and brighton.) we have had 
many great meals here after a long
ski day, and it always hits the spot!

^^ first off, we ordered the ahi spring rolls.
AKA, my dad's dream come true. he was
in h-e-a-v-e-n. i am not always a raw fish fan,
but i tried these and had to admit -- they are
amazing. the flavor with that ginger, wow.
i have a suspicion my dad will now get
these every single time he eats at porcupine.
^^ that picture on the left is real life...not posed.
that is how happy he was after his first bite.
^^ house salad = refreshing, unique flavors for a perfect light dish.
the fresh pears and mandarin oranges are great and the creamy 
house balsamic vinaigrette is something to write home about.
^^ next, their chicken noodle soup. i promise it is like
no other chicken noodle soup you've ever had.
my entire family loves this and my mom picks it
up anytime someone is sick because after having 
this, it's impossible to eat any other chicken noodle
soup. it's the creamiest, yummiest soup and with
one of their warm, soft bocce rolls it's perfection.
no liquid broth, all creamy delicious goodness.
^^ thai chicken pizza. i can't go here without ordering it!
the flavors are just right, & it's one of my favorite meals.
i could probably drink the peanut sauce on its own.
^^ and, the famous wahoo fish tacos. my dad and brother
basically live off these. the crunchy shell inside the soft
tortilla is so good, plus the lime chipotle sauce = amazing.
**pro tip from my dad: you can order the fish tacos blackened 
in these tacos, which "kicks up the already sensational flavor"
(direct quote from my dad - haha)
^^ i could eat this off the screen!
^^ brady and i in food heaven.
^^ and as if that wasn't enough, we tried the famous
fish & chips, done JUST right. first of all, the chef
uses fresh halibut which is incredible and rare, especially 
in salt lake city. second, the house made beer batter is
very light and just right. i am very picky about my  
fish & chips and we all agreed these were to die for.
^^ to top off the greatest meal, chef mike corbett insisted that
we try the chocolate porcupine dessert with vanilla bean ice
cream. inside of the ganache shell was chocolate mousse
and other layers of deliciousness. we somehow found room!
^^ thanks to stacey + kyle for setting this up! 
sorry kyle, we caught you with your eyes closed :)
loved meeting some of the great team behind porcupine.
^^ and, i loved having lunch with my dad + brother,
the two biggest fans of porcupine grille in SLC.
they frequent this place, so i had to bring them along!
take it from us: porcupine grille is a must when in salt lake.



  1. My mouth is watering and its only 10 AM!!! The ahi spring rolls look amazing!! I love fish tacos and those look delicious!! I've never been to Salt Lake but all this good food and skiing is making me want to go :)

    1. visit one day when we are in town visiting and we'll go together!! :)

  2. this looks amazing! I agree with B, my mouth is seriously watering. I don't have a trip planned here but I think I need to, just to eat there.

  3. Wow this place looks delicious!

  4. I can't believe how many places you went while you were home. How did you fit all the places in? How do you stay so skinny. I have lived in Salt Lake me entire life and have not been to some of the places you feature. Thanks for all the ideas. I had to try Ruby Snap yesterday after your post. It was great!

    1. you're so cute -- i hope you find some new great places! we were busy eating lots and i definitely needed lots of hikes after all the good food we were having! so glad you tried rubysnap ---- the BEST! which kind did you get? xo

  5. OH MY GOODNESS. this all look fabulous! And that dessert...adorable. Definitely putting it on my restaurant bucket list!

  6. Ohhhhh myyyyyyyyyy. I wish I had known about this place when I visited a few years ago! LOOKS AT THAT PORCUPINE ICE CREAM! Ahh!!

  7. Porcupine is my #1 favorite place in SLC too. Usually my first stop off the plane.
    So jealous!!


  8. YEP! On my list of places to go when i am back--- YUM!

    1. :) for sure!! so glad you love salt lake now!!!

  9. Thanks so much for all the great pics of our restaurant! I just signed up to follow your blog and pinterest- what a fun concept for a blog! Thanks again!

  10. Those pictures are amazing! This is now on my list of places we need to eat!

  11. Your dad is adorable! Looks so yummy!

  12. I'm here now just ordered the nachos and instant regret I didn't get the ahi rolls!!!!! Maybe after ;)

    1. haha yay love that you are there!! if you aren't too full get the creamy chicken noodle + bacci roll too! JEALOUS!


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