Thursday, April 24, 2014

birthday brunch with brynn

^^ this girl was my very first friend. 
my mom was pregnant with me and
drove past a house in the neighborhood
that had a sign in the lawn saying "it's a girl!"
being the outgoing person she is, she stopped
the car, knocked on the door and said that she
was also having a baby in 2 weeks and that
they should be friends! somehow brynn's mom
didn't think mine was crazy, & they set up a playdate.
the rest is history! i'm so glad my mom knocked on
that door 24 years ago and i'm so glad i was in town
to celebrate brynn's birthday this year with a brunch
at the of our favorite places! i love this place
most for dinner, but had never been for brunch and since
i was flying back to SF that day, we did it earlier.
you can't go wrong at the dodo, so of course it was amazing!
^^ we did the B.T.A. eggs benedict, which was a little
twist on the traditional dish. the bacon - tomatoes - and avocado
were the perfect additions, and the hollandaise sauce was fab.
^^ we also obviously had to try the raspberry crepe special.
we were celebrating a birthday, after all! you know brynn
is a good friend because whenever we go out to eat she will
always split things with me so we can try them both.
and.....this will sound crazy if you've never been to the dodo...
but we ordered dessert after brunch! simply because you cannot
go to the dodo without getting a dessert. they make the best
treats in the world. we had to have a little bite of each
and then boxed them up for later. the coconut caramel coffee cake
was too good to be true, and the toll house
pie is a classic favorite at the dodo. don't leave without dessert!
love you, b! thanks for a perfect little brunch before i left town.
i love my fellow april baby and love the dodo!


  1. I can't even get over the cuteness of how you two became friends - you're mom is a riot!

  2. Look at you too cuties! I love stories like this! Also, those desserts look BOMB.



  3. That is a really funny story! I love that y'all ended up being such great friends. :)


  4. such a sweet story and a beautiful brunch :)

  5. Haha, I love that your mom had the guts to knock on their door! What a cool story. :)
    You both look super cute and I'm drooling over the eggs Benedict. YUM.

  6. wait craziest story!
    love it!!
    and LOVE the dodo.

    where did you get your dress?!/!

  7. you two are too cute! Looks like fun

  8. That's the cutest story I've heard in a long time.


  9. This is the cutest friendship story!!! And this brunch...ohhh WOW. Looks so great. and those desserts too! Holy moly!

  10. That is such a crazy cool story! I love outgoing people like your mom!

  11. The toll house dessert!!!!!! It's been probably almost two years since I've had it. TWO YEARS!! I'd better go ASAP.


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