Monday, April 28, 2014

life lately : april

time's flying... truly!!
for a while time was going so
slow as i looked forward to may/june
when i finish up grad school & tfa & my commute.
all of a sudden, it's here. we have things happening
every night and the days are slipping away. be careful
what you wish for! pretty soon i will be done and life
will enjoying this last month before
everything is different. all snapped on my iphone,
here are some highlights of life lately in april::::

^^ refreshing for spring with flowers on
our street + the best pressed juice

^^ fun little photo shoot with a new boston photographer friend
who came to town. loved our fun night at city hall!
^^ lots of thai fooooooood happening lately.
^^ lots of birthdays happening right now!
AKA...lots of mailing packages to bffs. 
^^ still dreaming of this place...wish i could go every day!
^^ city nights // city lights
^^ still pretending it's easter when i saw these 
honey vanilla bunnies at batter bakery...i can't handle!
^^ not a bad view for a workout
^^ trying to get back in shape, luckily i have kendall
to run + yoga + chat with me while working out
^^ after seeing this place on "diner's, drive-ins and dives"
we had to check it out...pretty good comfort food!
^^ sunday morning necessities...i have barely cooked
in our new tiny place because we've been so busy, but
sunday mornings our kitchen always gets a little love.
^^ thank you husband for coming to my capstone
presentation for grad school! such a relief to have
over...master's degree, see you in 2 weeks!  
^^ can't believe it's been 2 years with this group.
^^ roses in the rain and a samoa cupcake to celebrate
finishing my grad capstone presentation!
^^ and a little visit to project juice to start the
week off right. here's to life lately and to life to come!



  1. So many wonderful things and not to mention so much wonderful ahead as well!! I loved the snippet of your outfit for the photo shoot - can't wait to see some of the photos!! Congratulations on being almost done with you masters - I can only imagine what a relief that will be!! Happy Monday!

    1. thanks dear! it will be the biggest relief!! Xo

  2. Your pictures are beautiful! I love the picture of you and your husband that your photographer friend took - flawless! Congrats on almost being done with grad school ... what an accomplishment. Cheers to a great month of May!

    1. thank you! they are just phone pictures but VSCO app is good at editing :)
      yes cheers to may! Xo

  3. what fun and beauty in your photos!!

  4. Mmmmm, I miss Batter Bakery! We tried their yummy treats from Good Eggs. Have you tried Good Eggs yet? I think you would love! Congrats on finishing your program, yay! More time for fun now, right?

    1. i need to try good eggs ASAP! i know they partner with some of our favorite places!
      yes, there will be lots more time for fun now...not that the master's wasn't fun...haha

  5. Looks like a wonderful April! Love your photos and really love your outfit! That pink shirt and skirt are so adorable!

  6. What is your master's in? What an accomplishment!

  7. ah! i remember the RELIEF after my masters was done. being a TFA teacher and a student was KILLER. You are almost there!!!

  8. Looks action-packed! Congrats on graduating soon! That's quite an accomplishment. Summer will be so laid back for you!!

  9. so excited for may! i love may. it just screams warm sunshine, right?? it better, anyway :) lots of fun things happening for you, it's exciting! serious props to you for getting your masters. i wish i was more of a go-getter like that. way to go!

  10. I love following along with your life! And your white skirt.. the cutest!

  11. So many amazing things going on!

  12. Okay, so I absolutely LOVE your trench coat! I had to go back and look at it like 3 times! So cute!

  13. Samoa cupcakes, thai food, and fresh juice! ? So many great things in this post!


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