Monday, April 14, 2014

penny ann's cafe

salt lakers...have you had the best pancakes in town?!
i am so excited this week to feature some favorite places
(and a few new ones) around SLC, my hometown! we share
so many places all over the place, but have never done any at
at home! so watch for some fun places this week while i'm here...
starting with penny ann's cafe! if i could start every monday
morning here i'd be a happy girl. they opened 3 years ago,
and we moved to california soon after so that explains why
i haven't known about this place. it is so unassuming on
main street, but you walk in and the place is PACKED-- even
on a monday morning! it's packed for good reason. this place
has complete comfort food for such a good price. i promise
you will not leave hungry. the best part is it's family owned
and run...they are all siblings with the parents at the 
restaurant too! it makes it so personal and fun. we loved
talking to cindy all about the place, seeing her brother
warren cooking up all the goodness, and meeting their dad!
their mom & siblings penny ann and paul are part of it too.
i want to be an honorary sibling! such a great family + place.
^^ favorite item, the scone with honey butter.
i'll be dreaming of this for weeks. it's a must-order.
^^ the "pot of gold" breakfast. i think this could count for 3 meals!
 ^^ their famous "heavenly hot cakes." let me tell you-- they sure were heavenly!
they are sour cream pancakes and it's a recipe that warren spent years perfecting.
i could have these every day. so light and fluffy and melt-in-your-mouth!
^^ don't fill up too much on breakfast, because you have
to take some of their famous pies home. you think i'm
kidding that after those breakfast items we had pie?
well i'm not. (we did take some for the road though :)
 so fun to be in town this week and try penny ann's 
with my parents! perfect monday morning.
^^ the oldest sister, cindy. loved her!
SLC residents, try penny ann's cafe
and tell them hi for me!


  1. What a great blog! I am so proud to be an "early and often" patron of Penny-Ann's. I was hooked from my first bite of Heavenly Hotcakes and meeting Cindy and Penny. May PAC reign for ever and ever! You know I love you guys. See you again soon. ~ Mitch

    1. love it! you're lucky you discovered it early on! Xo

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  3. Seriously, that place looks BOMB!



  4. okay mouth watering haha

    stop by,

  5. Oh my yum! I am seriously craving some pancakes now!


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