Wednesday, April 30, 2014

twenty-fourth birthday

wow is all i have to say to turning 24.
my husband knows how to plan a special
occasion, and he made it magical along with
all my other loved ones. birthdays are the best
because they remind you to celebrate, to feel
and soak in all the love around you, and to
appreciate another year of this amazing life.
living away from most of my closest friends
and family can make having a birthday a little
different, so it means even more when people
are darling and remember me & make me feel 
loved. this year they rendered me speechless with
the sweeeeeetest video in the world. i have had
a rough few months lately and my husband
must have known this was exactly what i needed..
so he had all my very favorite people record
messages to me and put it together into a perfect
little video that i will keep forever. he had me unwrap
an iPad at dinner as my last gift, put in headphones,
and press play. then he watched me as i watched the
best video and of course start crying. it felt like a
huge hug from all my loved ones and like they 
were there celebrating with me! best feeling in 
the world. i love my people and i love chase
for doing it. that was obviously the highlight, so
the video is below...and then pictures of our
fun celebrations are below that! thank you to
my loves for making my day so great. xo
^^ this is what your birthday looks like
when you live away from home!

^^ flower delivery from bffs
^^ woke up to perfect pink buildings on an 80 degree SF day
^^ and, a brand new BIKE from the greatest
parents. i will never be able to keep up with 
these triathletes on it, but this is something 
i cannot wait to have and use all around 
the city! the pink bows are my favorite part :)
i missed these two on my birthday, but felt
their love from afar and can't wait to 
see them this weekend in newport!
^^ sweetest packages, and the perfect gift from brynn..
an R letter with a map design on it! love.
^^ kendall and laur both know me so so well.
^^ chase surprised me with reservations at one
of the best restaurants in san francisco, foreign cinema.
basically all you need to know about this place is:
the menu changes every day, the courtyard has twinkly
lights, and they play old fashioned black & white movies
on the wall every night when the sun goes down. i think
husband picked pretty well. it was such a fun dinner.
^^ and, just like i asked, all his presents were
"experiences" instead of things (plus a few cute
clothes we picked out together). he put all the
experience gifts in envelopes and had me open
them through the night, and wow were they good.
^^ broadway tickets to see once when it comes to town
this summer, YAY! and, the best/worst gift ever---he
whaaaat? this was so unexpected, when i did my 2nd marathon
last fall i told him i was never doing one again- too painful!
well, he didn't listen because he signed us up-- hahah! it will
be his first one, and the course is pretty fun through the entire
city (and across the golden gate bridge) but i better start training
since i had no idea! i'm out of shape (i blame the commute)
these gifts will definitely be memorable ones!
^^ my friends know me far too well. ladurée cookbook?? heaven!
^^ my sis-in-law's hand painted cards are my favorite.
^^ my official package-opener
^^ aaaand, my BFF BOOKED A FLIGHT TO VISIT ME!!!!!
this was the best surprise in the world! ashley had been secretly
talking to chase and they booked a flight, then she called me
at dinner and had me open this itinerary! i was screaming at
the restaurant! i cannot wait for this and there could not be
a better gift. this friend outdoes herself every year.
^^ and then of course, best gift of all.
hope no one minded the birthday girl
crying her eyes out at the table after
watching this!! favorite thing ever.

^^ would you just look at this place!
^^ double birthday wishes
then we left a dinner and got in a cab...
we get out of the cab after dinner and...
surprise, we are at a 20's dance club for lessons and dancing!
only this boy would find such a fun place and take me dancing.
(FYI: we are TERRIBLE dance students, laughing
the entire time and wouldn't rotate through..oops!)
^^ luckily after the lesson the 20's band came
on and we could just do our own thing as 
everyone else danced the exact moves around us.
thanks to this babe of a husband for making
all my wishes & dreams come true. i love being 
24 already and hope you'll always dance with me!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

early birthday brunch

around here we like to celebrate 
birthdays for an entire week...
because why not? i feel like i've
already had my birthday between
celebrating with my family at home
and having a fun birthday brunch
over the, we head
to newport beach this weekend for
more celebrating so it feels like a
few weeks of birthday-ing! because my
birthday is on a weekday today, chase and
i went to a fun brunch over the weekend
since brunch is my favorite ... and he says he
has some plans for us tonight! (but won't tell me.)
 always so thoughtful, that husband of mine. 
anyway, yay for birthdays and yay for brunch. we
loved trying out campton place in union square!

hello, handsome. note the jazz players in the background--
campton place puts on a jazz brunch that is so lovely!
nothing like having a classy brunch with gorgeous
jazz music being played live in the background.
^^ crab cakes benedict for amazing twist on one
 of our favorite dishes! this restaurant perfects the art of
tweaking dishes just enough to be different, but incredible.
it definitely has its own flair and the dishes are distinctive.
^^ lobster frittata with roasted mushrooms..
you know you're in san francisco when
lobster and crab is added to every dish!
^^ and, my malted pear waffle with vanilla bean whipped cream.
couldn't resist! it complimented the other items perfectly.
since this was one of the best restaurants in the city
we had to order some lunch items to go along with
the meal...we did not regret this decision! some of
the best food with the most gorgeous presentation.
^^ this appam was i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e. i would have never
ordered it on my own, but it was recommended and it
was one of the most uniquely delicious dishes. the
chef sort of creates a fusion between indian and american
food, and this is the perfect balance of flavor and so amazing.
please order it as an appetizer if you dine at campton!
^^ and, more seafood: seared scallops done just right.
^^ we had to finish with a mango dessert. this tart was
a burst of flavor! we recommend the rhubarb dessert too.
thanks to great chef srijith for the deliciousness!
^^ last but not least, i had to show this: they give you a little 
pillow to put your purse on! genius! i loved it too much.

i loved trying this new place for brunch..
perfect way to kick off the birthday!

Monday, April 28, 2014

life lately : april

time's flying... truly!!
for a while time was going so
slow as i looked forward to may/june
when i finish up grad school & tfa & my commute.
all of a sudden, it's here. we have things happening
every night and the days are slipping away. be careful
what you wish for! pretty soon i will be done and life
will enjoying this last month before
everything is different. all snapped on my iphone,
here are some highlights of life lately in april::::

^^ refreshing for spring with flowers on
our street + the best pressed juice

^^ fun little photo shoot with a new boston photographer friend
who came to town. loved our fun night at city hall!
^^ lots of thai fooooooood happening lately.
^^ lots of birthdays happening right now!
AKA...lots of mailing packages to bffs. 
^^ still dreaming of this place...wish i could go every day!
^^ city nights // city lights
^^ still pretending it's easter when i saw these 
honey vanilla bunnies at batter bakery...i can't handle!
^^ not a bad view for a workout
^^ trying to get back in shape, luckily i have kendall
to run + yoga + chat with me while working out
^^ after seeing this place on "diner's, drive-ins and dives"
we had to check it out...pretty good comfort food!
^^ sunday morning necessities...i have barely cooked
in our new tiny place because we've been so busy, but
sunday mornings our kitchen always gets a little love.
^^ thank you husband for coming to my capstone
presentation for grad school! such a relief to have
over...master's degree, see you in 2 weeks!  
^^ can't believe it's been 2 years with this group.
^^ roses in the rain and a samoa cupcake to celebrate
finishing my grad capstone presentation!
^^ and a little visit to project juice to start the
week off right. here's to life lately and to life to come!