Monday, June 16, 2014

a place you have to stay

last week in colorado we discovered a place
you have to stay. listen to this... imagine a
big amazing ski lodge with condos inside
that are owned by families. they come and
stay whenever they want, and the rest of the
year their condos are rented out to visitors.
brilliant! so, in one hotel you get the incredible
resort / lodge amenities, yet with the most
comfortable rooms that make it feel like you
are staying in a family cabin. it is so unique 
and the best combination! because of this, 
the charter at beaver creek was one of my 
favorite places i have stayed. it was also such 
a fun memory to relax up here in this mountain 
lodge with my parents the week before they
move abroad. the room, the spa, the pool,
 the fireplace, the mountains, it was heavenly! 
definitely adding it to the list of favorites.

^^ the mountainside view from our room..
first things first, i couldn't 
WAIT to get to that pool!

^^ much needed mom time 

^^ the pool is the nicest part! when else
do you swim in a pool right by a mountain
up in the hills? there are 3 hot tubs, the nicest
pool, and a huge fire pit {my favorite part}
^^ hi, dad in the back :)
^^ those mountain pine trees always
steal my heart and feel like home

so much space, unlike other hotels. 
everything is so nice, but also has a 
personal touch and feel like a cabin.
we definitely took advantage of 
the incredible spa. (that steam room!!)
^^ and you have to love a place that 
has a good breakfast. can you imagine
this in the winter before skiing all day?
^^ very true! beaver creek is a dream.
{it reminded me a lot of deer valley!}
^^ lastly, the location is so fun 
since you can walk right into the
beaver creek village which is darling.
there are lots of great restaurants and
shops and i love the ski town feel!
^^ love this dad of mine
^^ cute mama
^^ aunt + mom + me. we have the best times together!
i'm so lucky to have my aunt laurie as a second mom.
we got teary a few times about my mom leaving us!
and, so much fun with my brother & parents.
we missed everyone else but
this week was so sweet together!
we loved this stay and i will remember
it forever! who knows, maybe we'll
come back here in 3 years for our reunion
when my parents return :) for now, 
thanks for the amazing stay!
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get for your stay at the charter here!

this post is sponsored by wyndham vacation resorts,
but all opinions are 100% our own.


  1. This place looks amazing! Love that pool area!

  2. Looks like such a fun trip! And your family is adorable!

  3. What a gorgeous place and a perfect opportunity to spend time with your parents before they leave!

  4. What a great trip and great spot! Those pools!

  5. Wow what an absolutely gorgeous place!

  6. This place looks amazing! And the lodge also looks like a very welcoming place. Thanks for sharing :)

    Happy Monday
    -Rosy A Joyful Kind of Life

  7. this place looks absolutely beautiful.

  8. Wow that was your room?! It's huge! That's awesome!



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