Thursday, June 12, 2014

steamboat springs, colorado

hi from colorado! this week i am
traveling all through the little ski
towns of this pretty state with my
family for ride the rockies. it has been
a dreamy week exploring the towns,
spending time with family, hiking,
eating, biking, and driving through
the green green countryside of 
colorado. i'm a little in love with this
state and especially with the cute
town of steamboat springs. here are 
some highlights from town, a hike,
fun meals, and taking a soak in 
the old town hot springs.
^^ it's impossible to not love a town
that has hot air balloons every morning
^^ pretty accurate street name!
^^ old town hot springs, the first hot
springs in steamboat that has been built
around into such a fun place with pools,
slides, a hiking trail, hot tubs, the works!
^^ always so relaxing to soak in
natural hot springs... and good for you!
^^ there is nothing better than a 
ski resort in the summer. i don't
know why, it's the happiest thing!
^^ i even found an acai bowl in this town.. success!
^^ i did the 14 mile hike to
fish creek falls, so stunning.
the high altitude was worth it
for the view! i couldn't stop staring.

^^ always have to take a picture of
the grizzly man anytime we see a bear,
it's tradition! ps...yes i am in denial of
the fact that my parents are moving away
for 3 years in just 2 weeks....ahhhh! :(
^^ dinner right on the river with
parents, brother, and aunt laur!
^^ thanks for the dreamy stay, steamboat!


  1. That little town truly does look like a dream! Something from a different decade!

  2. We always drive through Steamboat on my way to visit home in Denver! Love that town. Except not anymore since my parents are on their mission too! It is such a weird transition but so far it hasn't been as hard as I thought. But they've only been gone 4 days haha.

  3. Wow natural hot springs sound so nice right now! And I'm loving that they have hot air balloons!


  4. Awh how fun! That place looks so gorgeous. I love viewing all your travel posts :)

  5. You have the best adventures! What a fun trip!

  6. I love hot springs! Looks like you had an awesome time with your fam!


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