Tuesday, June 24, 2014

tuesday ten

1. saw these in c. wonder and now can't
stop thinking about them. yes we have
lots of mugs and no shelf space, but
these are a NEED not a want! 
{jk...they are just a BIG want :)

2. thank you anthro, for filling
our shelves with pretty things
that remind us of favorite places

3. my favorite quote ever, designed
here by husband. need to read this daily 
to remind myself why it's so important
to be happy and stay positive...not just
for myself, but for those around us!

4. the farmers market is a feast for
the eyes.. really, look at those beauties.

5. lers ros thai really is probably
the best in the city we've tried so far

6. went through a phase where i forgot
about my favorite snack, but now it's
back in action more than ever. pb + honey
+ bananas = a winning combination.

7. can't stay away from this place lately..
if you've tried it you know why

8. summertime = peonies + midnight donut runs.
{how cute is the pink milk carton with the donuts?}

9. summer also = craving cookies every day

10. toooooo too too true.
from my recent read, thrive.


^^ and... one more for good measure, because
it's SUMMER and i'm craving boating!
and i just found this picture of me 
doing my favorite pastime :)


  1. Love that quote for #3. I had never heard it before but it is such a great outlook on life! Thanks for sharing.

    1. of course! so glad you liked it...my mom had it framed in my room when i was little and i always loved it! XO

  2. we love smitten! we just got one down the street from our house and its so good!
    also peonies, i die.

    1. let's play ASAP. we will come to east bay! is the temple closed all summer?

  3. those mugs really are SO CUTE!

    1. i'm glad you agree! can't get over them!!

  4. That quote! Oh that quote. I don't know if I've ever seen it put into perspective like that. Thank you for sharing Emi!

  5. I love that final quote. So true. Also, how cute is that old picture of you!?

  6. Love this! Anthro really does have some cute things :) I also love the picture at the end. We are a boating family too!


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