Thursday, June 26, 2014

bloomingsales 4th of july giveaway! {closed}

last year on the 4th of july we were
flying across the ocean to china...
which was amazing, but not so patriotic.
this year we're excited to celebrate in the
USA, and we want to do it in style -- so i
stopped into one of my favorite stores in 
salt lake city while visiting home last week
to stock up on cute festive decorations.
bloomingsales is the cutest shop because
it's a combination of a flower shop and a
darling boutique. it's a go-to place for not
only gorgeous flowers but darling gifts and
decorations as well! i always find a reason
to stop in when i'm in town, so i was excited
to collaborate on a fun 4th of july giveaway!
hopefully SLC residents already know about
bloomingsales, but this giveaway is open
to all U.S. residents because we will ship you
this patriotic package anywhere! and, they'll
be starting online sales soon... so everyone
can be a bloomingsales customer! here are
some highlights of the store, before you
enter the giveaway! trust me, you'll want it.

^^ these darling wreaths are one of my favorite
items at bloomingsales. so perfect for a front door!

^^ love this darling friend who works
here, and her aunt owns the place!
seeing morgan is worth visiting the shop
for alone. the cutest girls work at bloomingsales!

^^ of course i came in with my cute mom during
her last week before moving. bloomingsales
is always one of our favorite stops together.
(as we speak she's flying across the world to johannesburg, 
so i am even more glad we had this little outing together :)
^^ the store is always themed for the
next holiday, which i love. this 4th of july
display is everything perfect all in one. i 
loved everything, so that's why we decided
to do the giveaway themed from these things
for you! i can never get enough festive decs :)

and, more about the giveaway!
it's a good one because the winner will get not one,
not two, not three, not four, but five darling
festive items from bloomingsales. here they are:
the giveaway package includes:

• red & white striped scarf • 
• silver USA necklace • 
• america dishtowel 
• blue & white napkins  
• vintage american flag 

all so cute and perfect for the holiday!
^^ the USA necklace is darling to wear anytime,
but especially over the 4th! i'd love to have
it to wear when traveling too..
carrying a piece of home with you!

^^ i'm a little bit in love with this
DARLING dishcloth of america.
how cute would it be in your kitchen?

^^ and here is the red & white striped scarf,
modeled by cute morgan :) it's a classic!

all those items along with the flag + napkins
will provide you with a perfect patriotic package!
bloomingsales is so good at pairing things 
together and this is a perfect combo that i
want you to win just in time for the 4th!
to enter:
a Rafflecopter giveaway
so, all you need to do is follow
@bloomingsales on instagram and tag
2 friends. that's it! if you want bonus entries
you can do some of the other things such as
like on facebook, follow on pinterest etc. simple!

best of luck, and the winner will be announced
monday, june 30th just in time to ship this before
the 4th! enter away and spread the love! 
^^ thanks to morgan, her cute aunt, and all of
bloomingsales for sponsoring this cute giveaway!
i'm excited for someone to win this patriotic package :)

now i can't WAIT for the 4th :)
god bless the USA!



  1. Emi- that is the CUTEST shop can't wait to stop in there! And love the giveaway items especially that necklace!!!

  2. I love Bloomingsales! I followed them, tagged my friends to enter to win. Thank you Emi ( my granddaughtert's name btw!)

  3. Done, done, and done! Cannot wait for my favorite holiday!

  4. oh my gosh. i love that dish towel. i think i have one from the same makers - i just picked it up a few weeks ago and it's the state of virginia, where we live :)


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